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Back in August, the Telecommunications Workers Union released a bulletin notifying members that "several weeks ago numerous TWU Delegates brought forth and laid charges against President Bruce Bell. Following the process as set out in the TWU Constitution a Trial Board was then struck, and a hearing was held. After deliberations the Trial Board rendered their decision Sunday August 6th 2006 and as a result effective immediately Mr. Bruce Bell has been removed from the office of President." That removal was prompted by dissatisfaction with the collective agreement the telecommunications workers signed with Telus Corp. last year. - an agreement endorsed by Mr. Bell.

But the bulletin added the ousted president would have an "opportunity to appeal the decision to an Ombudsperson of the Canadian Labour Congress." And, now Public Eye has learned the ombudsman appointed to handle that case - former British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union president John Shields - has reinstated Mr. Bell. That decision - which has yet to be made public - came down on Monday. But, as of publication time, the telecommunication workers' Website has yet to reflect this latest development.

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This story seems out of whack.
Sorry, but if the membership of a duly constituted union follows the proper process to oust an executive member, I don't see how the CLC can exercise a veto. It just doesn't work that way.

It is an umbrella organization and cannot exercise such action unless the TWU agrees prior to all these fireworks that the CLC will play some mediative role between the embattled leader and its angry membership.

Your source needs to fill in a few holes.

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