The Best the government can get

Back in July, the provincial government announced it had "launched a major initiative focusing on the future of post-secondary education" called Campus 2020. Former attorney general Geoff Plant was named special advisor to the initiative's leadership team. But there's at least one other old friend working on that Ivy League exercise. Inland Strategies Communications Management Inc. co-owner Laurie Best has been hired as the executive director of Campus 2020. Ms. Best, as our astute readers may recall, made headlines when The Times Colonist's Les Leyne reported in May 2003 that a contract awarded to her company by the health ministry included "her fee plus 20 per cent for expenses, which involve routine commuting between Kamloops and Victoria." But, in an interview with Public Eye, advanced education communications director Paul Wooley said Ms. Best would "be picking up those (commuting) expenditures" in her new civil service post.

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And I always took Laurie, like her partner Brent to be aligned a little closer to the centre, if not the soft, soft, soft left.
I think both took home nice pay packets during the Glen Clark era as media savies.

20 percent, eh? Lotta bumps on the Coquihalla these days.

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