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Earlier, we noted the Liquor Stores Income Fund made former provincial finance minister Gary Collins a trustee and director of Liquor Stores GP Inc. last month. But he's not the only political personality with that group of companies. Former Alberta treasurer Jim Dinning - who is presently running to succeed Ralph Kelin as the leader of the Progressive Conservatives in that province - just so happens to be the income fund's chair and a fellow Liquor Stores GP board member. And what do Messrs. Collins and Dinning have in common - other than their background in elected politics? The answer: Paul Taylor - who served as Mr. Dininng's executive assistant and Mr. Collins's deputy minister. Small world, eh? Mr. Taylor left British Columbia's finance ministry in 2004 to become the president and chief executive officer of the Insurance Corp. of British Columbia.

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I find it odd that Collins who left government so he could be seen in assorted aircraft cockpits shilling for a airline. Hey they even made him president. But now he is tied into the booze business. Maybe the airline bit doesn't occupy all his time so he needed a second source of income

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