New tone meets counter-melody?

The "new tone in the legislature" may have received plaudits from some pundits. But others are concerned provincial New Democrat leader Carole James's cooperative approach has hampered the Opposition in its efforts to hold the Campbell administration to account. And, on Saturday, Yale-Lilooet MLA Harry Lali seemed to give voice to some of those concerns. Speaking at the New Democrat's Interior-Okanagan community conference in Merritt, Mr. Lali delivered a barnstorming speech in which he told attendees the party "ought to be out there pushing back much harder against the Liberals." This, according a report from one audience member. The member also paraphrased Mr. Lali as saying, "New Democrats are not Liberals or Conservatives. And they should quit pretending to be. New Democrats are social democrats. And it's about bloody time we started acting like it." The three-day conference featured 14 MLAs and attracted around 175 supporters.


Way to go Harry. That's the spirit! I too am concerned that the Opposition is not opposing anything. That's not why I vote NDP. We ARE Social Democrats and it's time to start acting like it. Time to crack down on criminals and welfare cheats.


Way to go Harry!

Show them how it was done in the old days with your gang!

Remind me how succesful that was again as compared to Carole's 2 to 33 rate.

Wasn't it something like 40-something down to 2?

I see that the NDP is waking up to the fact that they have a wet noodle 'oh what's her name' leading the party. Like many NDP leaders in the past, the 'wet noodle' may be a Liberal plant and will jump ship to federal politics in the next election.

The NDP slogan should be "Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war".

Since when to social democrats have yelling as part of their political philiosophy?

Should be more like offering solutions rather than standing up in the Legislature raising the voice.

But have to admit the opposition's vocal volcanic fury is missed. This namby-pamby NDP opposition is wimpy.

The BC liberals are getting away with it.

They need a real opposition.

Dagmar, don't you ever get tired of spreading your crap? Folks, ignore the troll. A real Social Democrat would not want to pursue phoney crime and welfare-fraud agendas. Go join the Conservative Party.

"Go join the Conservative Party."

Forget it. We'renot interested in Dagmar.

Maybe the federal Liberals will take Dagmar.

They'll take anyone who has $10.00 and sees red

Like many people who experience a life threatening illness, I suspect that Carole James is seeing the value of a private medical system!

So, Harry Lali thinks the NDP strategy needs some fixing. Fair enough. I wonder if his dissent will be tolerated in the NDP, or if he will get the Garth Turner treatment?

For myself, I think Carole James has shown good judgement, especially in reversing Farnworth's ill-advised MLA pay raise caper. A civil tone in the House is absolutely essential to public credibility. Any idea that silly bugger, 19th Century histrionics on the parliamentary channel will persuade real world voters is just too ridiculous for words.

But in other forums and in other ways a more aggressive assualt on the assumptions and beliefs that underly Liberal voting strength is needed. Instead, the NDP is stupidly advised by its "experts" not to waste time on financial and economic issues. When the polls come back saying that the party has no profile on those issues, these very same experts chime in unison "See, we told you so". And indeed they did!

Any unhappy NDP'ers are welcome to join the provincial Cons.

Just wonderng why a personsupposes that a person supporting a party that supports women, the disabled, the poor, minorities, would ever consider joining a party that opposes most of the items the NDP support. Get real Robin Dipper, you are not really thinking straight. Steve is losing groundbut go troll for voters somwhere else

I too think its time to raise the temperature. When one way hasn't worked it's time to try another.
The NDP quiet polite approach has not got results. The media wants conflict and controversy. We may not like it but we need to be aware of it to get our message out. Time to take off the gloves. Politics is a blood sport and not for the faint of heart.

"Just wonderng why a personsupposes that a person supporting a party that supports women, the disabled, the poor, minorities, would ever consider joining a party that opposes most of the items the NDP support. Get real Robin Dipper, you are not really thinking straight. Steve is losing groundbut go troll for voters somwhere else"

If the provincial NDP ever really supported those issues they sure didn't do very much in the 10 years they were government.

All of that "support" is just talk and looking
at suggestions and no real action.

Way to go Harry, we are not a bunch of whooses, we fought this long to get medical etc. don't quit now. we need your voice and wish more would join you

With all due regard to the posters that want to go for the jugular and to heck with moving things along may I say as one earlier poster stated. Before James there was two. Some of her critics have done very well and no doubt got support from many citizens. I figure she is doing pretty well. Instead of bitching about her, go jump on Gordon for not allowing the house to run. I was once told by rafe Mair. Don't get mad, get even. He heard it from Grace McCarthy. Would you prefer she stand in front of the building and holler for him to come out for a duel? Harry is doing his job as well, but he does it under her direction. She is the leader. She will have a leadership review as all political leaders have, and the memebrship decides.

To suggest Ms. James really appreciates private medical system is sort of silly. She waited her turn, went to the hospital and was sent back home for another day.On the second trip she was operated on. She said it a few times in the media and praised all the folks who treated her. She isn't alone on that deal, lots of us have to wait.My God, the same poster would have gone ballistic if if she had cut a corner or two. She isn't Dave Barrett in her speaking style, but it's her style. But she gets things done. Hopefully she has fully recovered and can continue to lead the NDP for along time.

Way to go Harry! I am glad to see a NDP MLA say what so many of us New Democrats have been thinking.

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