Fear and favour

Charity thy name must be New Democrat! Over the summer, the provincial party's health critic Adrian Dix called on the Campbell administration "to increase the $2-per-hour rate for on-call paramedics in remote areas and pay their training costs so large areas of the province don't have to worry about staffing shortages." This, according to a report from The Canadian Press's Scott Sutherland. And, today, Mr. Dix put out a news release noting "more than a dozen interior communities have had vacant paramedic positions for as long as four years." All of which must have pleased the Ambulance Paramedics of British Columbia - the union representing those workers. But that union hasn't exactly been coozy with the New Democrats. According to Elections British Columbia, the paramedics made just one donation to the party between 2002 and 2005 worth $1,000. By comparison, over the same time period, they contributed $4,469 to the Liberals - accounting for a whopping 32 percent of the party's labour movement funding. Money well spent?


I have a friend that's a recently trained BC paramedic. He went out of pocket for his training, and at one point was commuting 5 1/2 hours to where he could get some hours doing the job he was trained to do, because there is afterall, a shortage of paramedics. I don't see doctors in training, working for $2/hr when not treating someone, nor is that the case with nurses. The $2/hr hardly paid the gas for the commute, or for the time spent on call. And as with all jobs, you go to where the work is. No wonder they can't find paramedics for these areas.

Political stupidity on the part of the ambulance service union's philosophy on donations to parties, shouldn't be an excuse for getting paid crap wages for being on call to do a job that would have the average citizen throwing up in the bushes.

Don't blame Dix folks. There is a shortage of ambulance people.Hiring has been slow. Maybe somebody could figure out a monthly stipend for all paramedics on call, as part of their monthy pay?. Then others would claim it's too high. You wouldn't find me if you were only offering a pittance, the possibility of being called out. The stories of ambulance crews driving many miles to another town to cover a incident there simply doesn't make sense. Time lost, wear and tear on equipment, and oh yes the patient lays there waiting. What if the incident included our parents or siblings. I spent time in two federal unions and sometimes some of the statements made by some of the leaders would make you shake your head. But political donations or working for assorted candidates was out of your pockets and never endorsed by the unions. Said so right there in the union constitutions. Dix is simply stating the obvious. There are shortages and after reading the first poster here, and his friends out of pocket costs simply to be trained. I can see why he recommended some more bucks.

kegler, nice to see you back commenting on pei,,,,,,,,,,,,,
adrian dix is a sleazeball,,, we all no it,, gc,s sec , they were in the news every week, that hairlip, alabama maybe>>the question i ask is
,does adrian dix care, or is it self gratification,opportunist?

Hey Glen, what is your message? May I suggest your article would be easier to understand if you downloaded a little free program called ieSpell. Sure gets rid of a lot of weird looking words. You are probably like me, not that professional in the typing department. Please don't take offence but it might help get your message across. I gather there was a question in there about Dix MLA and Health Critic. I figure he gets elected and paid to do the job. Rebut him if you desire to do so but make it readable. The word would be a dull place if we all agreed on everything all the time.

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