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We're pleased to see the provincial government is continuing to keep our good friend Lee Doney active in his retirement. Today, the ministry of health quietly announced its intention to directly award a contract - whose value "will not exceed $70,000" - to Mr. Doney via his company RLD Strategies Inc. And what song is he going to be singing for that supper? Well, according to the notice of intent, Mr. Doney has been contracted to "provide leadership and strategic advice" related to "service delivery model" for the British Columbia Ambulance Service and Healthline Services British Columbia. And he will be acting as the executive officer of the emergency health services commission, which is responsible for both those operations. The following is a complete copy of that notice.

Notice of Intent to Contract Lee Doney of RLD Strategies

Notice is hereby given by the Ministry of Health of its intent to contract with Lee Doney of RLD Strategies to provide the following services:

a. Provide leadership and strategic advice to BC Ambulance Service (BCAS), Healthline Services BC, the Ministry of Health through the Assistant Deputy Minister for Clinical Innovation and Integration (ADM/CII) related to the service delivery model in Victoria.

b. Act as Executive Officer of the Emergency Health Services Commission (EHSC) and report directly to the Chair of the EHSC and ADM/CII.

c. Lead with the recruitment of a permanent Executive Officer to oversee operations of the services.

d. Provide regular updates to the ADM/CII related to the progress and transition of the new services.

e. In the capacity of Executive Officer, ensure that BCAS and Healthline Services BC continue to develop, while introducing strategic initiatives to maintain and improve the service.

The total value of the contract will not exceed $70,000. This contract will cover the period from October 31, 2006 to March 15, 2007.

The Ministry of Health believes that this vendor is the only one qualified to provide the services based on the following reasons:

1. Extensive knowledge of public sector collective bargaining structures, practices, legislation and roles;

2. Extensive knowledge of the legislative and policy framework within which the Ministry of Health operates;

3. Extensive experience working within government at a senior level providing both strategic and policy advice to elected officials and ministry executive management;

4. Extensive experience working with senior members of public sector organizations;

5. Familiarity with the Ministry of Health and commitment to the Ministry's plans for continuing improvements in the delivery of health services and knowledge of the current issues facing the Ministry;

6. Knowledge of the legislative and organizational framework for the delivery of emergency services;

7. Demonstrated understanding of government's financial and administrative policies and practices;

8. Demonstrated ability to deliver projects on time and budget.

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