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Provincial Liberals have never been shy about phoning talk shows or participating in online polls. So you'd think they wouldn't need much encouragement to speak up during the provincial government's conversation on health. Nevertheless, earlier this month, the party sent out an issue alert urging Liberals to get involved with the debate. And, at the party's upcoming biennial convention, 90 minutes has been set aside as part of the conversation process. The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned alert.

From: "BC Liberals Issue Alert"
Subject: Join the Conversation on Health Today!
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 09:40:24 -0700 (PDT)

Join the Conversation on Health Today!

Premier Gordon Campbell has called on all British Columbians to take an active role in helping to shape the future of the health system by joining the Conversation on Health. These historic province-wide conversations will ensure that, within the framework of the Canada Health Act, needed programs and services are there for generations to come.

"All British Columbians value the importance and quality of our health system. As we promised in the throne speech this February, the Conversation will ensure government hears what our citizens consider crucial today and for the future of health in B.C. We encourage people to join the Conversation so they can tell us their ideas, what the pressures are and what improvements can be made to our health system. More people are moving to the province and our population is aging. Couple this with tremendous yet costly advances in surgical procedures, diagnostic technology and pharmaceutical therapies, and we have very different pressures on our health system today than we had even a decade ago. In this dynamic environment, we need to ensure that our health programs are responsive to the needs of our citizens today and tomorrow."
- Premier Gordon Campbell

How can you get involved in the Conversation on Health?

Sign up to attend a forum in your region and receive more information!
Sign up online at:
Regional forums for the public in each of the 16 health service delivery areas will start in early November and end next summer. Funding will be provided to help offset the costs of travel for people who need assistance.

Join the conversation through online forums!
Add your comments at:
Participate in an online discussion about key health issues, provide your views and reflect on others' ideas through our web-based discussion boards.

Send an e-mail!
E-mail your comments to:
Send an e-mail with your thoughts about the future of health in British Columbia and join the conversation.

Write a letter!
Submit your thoughts through a letter to: Ministry of Health, 5-3, 1515 Blanshard St., Victoria, B. C. V8W 3C8

Call the toll-free Conversation on Health line!
Have your say by phone at: 1-866-884-2055 (translation in 130 languages available), Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The input received from the Conversation will lay the groundwork for improvements that will be presented to the Province in fall 2007.

The Province's goal is to strengthen the five principles of the Canada Health Act - universality, accessibility, comprehensiveness, portability and public administration. The results of the Conversation will also be used to develop a sixth principle, sustainability, which will ensure B.C.'s health programs and services are available in the future. This principle and the five Canada Health Act principles are expected to be enshrined in provincial legislation.

Did you know?

* The health budget represents 42 percent of the Province's annual budget. If the health budget continues to grow as it has in the past, it could consume over 70 percent of the total provincial budget by 2017. This could squeeze out necessary funding for other critical government services such as education, highways and social services


Looks like they're a bit slow in getting their own message out.

The "Alert" was dated October 5th and recieved
a few days later.

The news release on the Conversation on Health was made on September 28th.

So it took them 7 days to do something that ordinarily could be finished for next day delivery at the latest.

They should have had something sent out the next day if this new and innovative means of public input was of any importance to send to their membership.

It's possible to get something out within 2 hours. This certainly warranted a priority but obviously the smart people at their headquarters
were spending party time doing elastic band fights instead.

The 90 minutes at their convention won't be as useful as the overall public input, since the delegates will be toeing the party line and on't be overly critical of the way the Campbell government has managed health care in the province.

If you want to fix the health care system you must
feed the people proper food.
No growth hormones. No food with anti biotics
or no hot house food that does not see dirt, only
chemicals . Start at the root of the problem first. It will fix itself. Thank You.

Is this some kind of joke? Any talk with Govt health workers is like talking to a brick wall . Just ask anyone in the Trail area. First they close beds in all the local hospitals, then closed the care centers in the whole area , with the promise there would be new places built. In the meantime all the people that were in the care center were shipped off to Grand Forks, Nakusp, or where ever with no consideration of family needs or wishes. Much like selling your car today because your new car would be here tomorrow But there was a foulup in delivery and you would'ent get yor new car for min. of 6 weeks (to bad you will have to walk or take the bus if there is one. As your car was sold an hour after you sold it, sorry) Where are the rooms you were going to have built to replace the ones closed. Just ask any of the Albo family , no person in the health section of Govt. will take the blame or responsability for the Death of both Albo's. Any further meetings with the Govt. is a total waste of money and time because they DON'T WANT TO CHANGE WHAT THEY HAVE ALREADY DECIDED BE FORE THE MEETING TOOK PLACE. I could say more but I know you wont listen and never have from the start. Sky train in London nothing, Health care Sweden nothing. WHAT HAS CHANGED ???

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