So long and thanks for all the fish

Ten minutes - that's how long witnesses are usually given to address a legislative committee. But it seems provincial New Democrat Robin Austin, chair of the special committee on sustainable aquaculture, thought leading environmental sceptic Patrick Moore, the founder of Greenspirit Strategies Ltd., needed a little more time to speak. Because, during the committee's stopover in Vancouver yesterday, Mr. Moore was allowed almost 90 minutes to talk about his aquaculture friendly views!

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90 minutes seems a bit long even for someone who some folks figure is an expert. One hopes some folks with different opinions and lot of knowledge gets more than the ten minute deal. I have appeared in front of such a committee and watched people with very limited knowledge on much of anything doing their thing.10 minutes would be too much for some folks, but the public is invited so they show up.

The chair has some discression, and if she/he decided to give the ex Greenpeace guy extra time well that's the way things go. Moore used to be considered a hero in the environment area but has pretty well discredited himself so the chair would let him ramble on for a bit.

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