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Did you know Premier Gordon Campbell has a Chinese community advisory committee? Not many do. Although, as reported earlier this month by The Vancouver Sun's Jeff Lee, the premier's office "issued a list to Chinese media identifying the members" - of which there are 17. So does that mean the premier also has an Indo-Canadian community advisory committee? Apparently, not. The government wasn't able to say, by publication time, why a similar council for that community doesn't exist. But the Campbell administration does have several structures under the ministry of economic development representing Indo-Canadian interests.


Actually Prem Vinning was hired to look after the Indo-Candian advisory committee, but resigned just a few days into his mandate. You would think that Indos would be important to the BC Liberals, but I guess not.

You're right!! He was hired by the Premier and was to do Outreach to the Indo Cdn Community. Unfortunately, he called in to a Talk Show and identified himself as Peter and was busted. Maybe he needs to find himself first and then get back in the Political game. He does not represent the Indo Community and the thought that he was almost Appointed a Senator. Oh yah, I forgot, it was Chretien (really sharp) who was to appoint him.

He's also the same person who considers himself to be important and figures that he is a power broker.

Anyone who follows the advice of Prem Vinning should think twice.

The guy loses a cushy job doing not much more than reading newspapers and sending emails to India.

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