Also a member of the technocracy

Earlier, we reported provincial Liberal executive director Kelly Reichert is also president of Strategic Outlook Inc., a company belonging to the American Association of Political Consultants. But those hoping to contract out Mr. Reichert's political services will be disappointed. In an interview with Public Eye, he explained, "The Strategic Outlook company is more focused on technology. So Hoong and I actually formed that company in 2001. And we did it because we were working on some software that we were hoping to start to market to the U.S."

"But, right around the same time when we developed it, there was some competitor software that came out in the States. And because, it was from the States, it was geared a little more toward their type of campaigning. So we became members of the American Association of Political Consultants to help us market it. And I had attended - and so did Hoong - several of their awards ceremonies for their American political consultant awards. But we've actually taken a whole different focus on that software. Now what we're doing is we're actually in the development stages of a very different type of software that has nothing to do with politics."

So, if Public Eye needs a lobbyist, he won't be able to help out? "We're pretty selective on who we work," quipped Mr. Riechert. "We only do technology. I keep all my political consulting solely for the B.C. Liberals."


software -- like the software used at past BC Lib conventions -- with little to no tabulation accountability -- side hunch and Kelly should do splendidly well in the ole US of A

Hopefully this "revolutionary" new software will be much better than BCWin2005.

What a piece of poorly designed junk that thing was.

and the candidate website provisions forced onto to the campaigns was worse.

How many different ways are there to collect supporter data? Not many new ones, in fact it's been done.

Seems that these two geniuses are essentially re-inventing the wheel.

By my reckonin, Reichert and Neoh have a win-loss record of 126-36. Not bad, not bad at all.

One would doubt that Reichart had been personally involved in 126 seperate campaigns.
he simply hasn't been around long enough to build an actual volume like that and even more so for Neoh.

Being Executive Director and being part of the provincial campaign team doesn't really count, since he wasn't directly involved in the winnings of the 2001 and 2005 individual riding campaigns. That was done by the volunteer teams in each of the ridings, plus the paid campaign manager. They're the ones who can count their
wins and losses since they made a personal and distinct contribution to the campaigns they worked on.

The provincial campaign provides the universal support. It doesn't get into the specifics of individual campaigns.

Sort of like the Adminstrative Manager saying "I made $150,000 in sales!" When in fact it was two salespeople who made $75,000 in sales through their own individual efforts, each.

If the Admin Manager personally made the sales then he could say "I made $150,000 in sales!"

The two worked 162 individual campaigns together?

Not very likely.

Nice try though.

Lest anyone miss Reichart's political history, the one-time Kamloops radio reporter had also worked himself into a background position within the former Social Credit party and government under Bill VanderZalm.

In those days he was Bud Smith's choosen boy, but with Smith able to at least read the entrails and opting to "retire" from politics rather than be ousted, Reichart's job security sank. But not to worry, old Socreds always seem to survive. In his case he was hired as reporter by Radio NL in Kamloops.

Apparently in those days NL wasn't really interested in hiring reporters with any journalistic background. And obviously, Reichart's ties to everyone Socred, including the Budster, were seen as solid qualifications at a radio station that pumped out tired old bubblegum rock from the '60s and '70s between slams at the them NDP government.

Oddly though, Reichart, who always appeared uncomfortable sitting with the real ink-stained wretches, just disappeared from the media fold one day and soon after turned up as a backroomer in a newly altered Liberal Party.

NL radio does have some very good reporters who aren't the slightest bit interested in anyone's brand of propaganda. In that regard I think that bleedingheart is being more than just a bit unfair to them.

Still, it's true that this station was the home stomping ground of Kamloops' premier case of a complete flake who's into politics well over his head. I refer of course to Claude Richmond, who used to have a jazz show ("Richmond and All That Jazz") on NL back in the 1970s, ... about the same time that Phil Gaglardi still had a Sunday nite devotional show.

Richmond used to regale other radio station staff with his political theories. Some radio station staffers tried not be around when Claude was expounding his philosophies on the poor. If avoidance failed and they found themselves trapped in their chairs, the optimum strategy was to offer as little feedback as possible, one or two word responses and knowing nods being the prefered approach.

Poverty activists and researchers and professional social workers can all rest assured that BC's Minister of Employment and Assistance has been thinking mighty hard about the situation of the poor for over thirty years!

"Lest anyone miss Reichart's political history, the one-time Kamloops radio reporter had also worked himself into a background position within the former Social Credit party and government under Bill VanderZalm."

He was a Regional Organizer for Kamloops. Easy job to do, especially in River Town since at that time just about everyone in the surrounding ridings voted Socred.

He was then Budd Smith's boy as his EA in Victoria when Budd won Cabinet.

Budd Smith was out of cabinet. KR was out of a job.

He returned to being Regional Organizer the next day.

Budd returned to the job. KR returned as EA the next day.

Budd lost his cabinet post a second time.

KR returned as Regional Organizer a second time.

The ruts caused by the tires of KR's car travelling back and forth on the Coquihalla went deeper and deeper.

The result? premature wear on the asphalt which
led to costly repaving done by other Socred supporters Emil Andersen Engineering and Jack Cewe even though the pavement was only two years old.

KR didn't "turn up" at BC Liberal headquarters.
he was asked to be there by Micky Patryluk another Socred and another ex Regional Organiser.

The person who ran the Executive Director's position in our party before was a true provincial Liberal.

We need those people back.

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