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On Monday, the Cranbrook Daily Townsman's Gerry Warner reported Minister of State for Mining Bill Bennett "believes that the NDP has hired an American firm that specializes in political dirty tricks to advise the NDP on the health care debate." And what's the reason for that belief, you may wonder? Well, according The Province's Ian Bailey Minister Bennett "explained his allegations by suggesting the NDP had taken on a nasty tone. He said some New Democrats have been to Washington for seminars, 'where they were trying to teach people about how to practise politics in a more effective and negative way'" - news first reported on Public Eye back in May. So, using that logic, does that mean the provincial Liberals have also hired American firms specializing in dirty tricks? After all, in March 2005, columnist Bill Tieleman reported in the Georgia Straight that the premier's chief of staff Martyn Brown attended an American Association of Political Consultants conference in Washington, D.C. last January at the Liberal Party's expense. Just askin'!


We used to run into Martyne Brown way back when the Nisga treaty was being discused. A really really far righter for sure. He used to ooze over and ask us why we were supportive of treaties. Those guys should not be getting those benefits and such talk. He didn't get far so would ooze back across the room. I guess he was working for Gordo as he had been removed earlier by the BC Reform party as being too far right for them. I never spoke to him without a witness.

What is that stuff the grows in the Kootenay's and causes paranoia? Bennett's only "evidence" is a feeling because the ndp got negative on them. What a laugh, it doesn't take much to point out the negativity this government is raining down on us, subversively of course...they seem to be the ones pulling their rules from the George W Bush book of doing politics.
Seems to me the ndp is just pointing it out.

Martyn Brown was also the front man for BC Fire ( a seriously anti-Indian organization), when some very scary things happened in First Nations reserves in the BC Interior. He was top dog with BC Fire during the Douglas Lake Band's blockade of a road to the Douglas Lake Ranch and when developers and cabin owners on Adams Lake got into a big dustup with the Adams Lake band back in the early '90s.
Interestingly, both disputes exploded into flames when drunks (one a cowboy and the other a developer), opted to challenge the bands' ownership of the lands they occupied by trying to crash vehicles through roadblocks.
Odd that Brown is still around given the apparent conversion of Gordon Campbell on First Nations issues. Brown was seem by many as the guy fanning the flames.

As for Bennett's apparent paranoia, at least a bit might be attributed to the reporter, Gerry Warner, who has never needed much more than a bit of speculation to create a headline. But then living in Cranbrook Alberta tends to bring out the wide-eyed comments so typical of stenographers living that close to both Alberta and Idaho.

Martyn Brown has a tendency to ooze everywhere

So the Liberals and NDPers are supposedly "consulting" with "experts" on specific aspects of campaigns. Big deal. Some of the so-called "great ways to campaign" done in the States wouldn't work here. Others are just ideas that anyone who has been around campaigns for two years could come up with.

It's not good to use something simply because [name of Democrat candidate here] or [name of Republican candidate here] used it.

Politics is an industry in the States. Here, it's our second blood sport behind Canadian hockey.

I mean how many different ways are there to advertise? Who cares about pointing out the problems out there caused by the other party again and again. I wanna know what the candidate's going to do to fix it.

The NDP should ideally learn from themselves and how they did things back in the great fun times of the late 1980's. They were a force to be feared back then. Not like the wimpy NDP that's around now with Carol James.

I agree. What evidence could there possibly be that the NDP is doing nasty American-style politics. This current bunch namby-panby New Dems couldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight. They really should be talking to the guys who have been in opposition before -- Moe Sihota, Dave Barrett, Glen Clark to name a few -- and be getting back to the good old days of the beer-drinking ass-kicking NDP. The party used to be run by guys like me who settled their differences like men should.

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