Shining and happy people?

Provincial New Democrat caucus research director Don Anderson has resigned, effective immediately. Said news follows a similar announcement by communications director Jim Rutkowski and the leader's press secretary Scott Perchall's that they too would be leaving the legislative precincts. That means chief of staff David Perry and deputy chief of staff Raj Sihota - when you account for operations director Marian Meagher's earlier departure - will soon be the sole remaining members of the leadership team that was hired following the 2005 election. Curious.


What a gong show. Carole James and the NDP can’t even run an opposition, just think if they were in government

Curious. Scary too. However, with a complete overhaul in staff, there's nobody to for Perry and James blame if the NDP performance continues to worsen, except themselves.

Where is the threat coming from other than internal NDP the party split in their support for James? Is she trying to show who's 'in charge'?

Who in their right mind wants another 3 years of opposition if they don't firmly believe they will form government in 2009?

Opposition sucks. Period.

Anyone, either elected or staff, who says otherwise is lying through their teeth.

Probably a good move by those folks to get out now and not waste their time if they aren't true believers in an ND government in 09.

Carole James and the NDP can’t even run an opposition, just think if they were in government

Posted by Kevin Larsen on November 10, 2006

Kevin, can you explain how an ability to make staff changes is indicative of a lack of either administrative or political skill? If there were no changes in James's office over a period of years, you'd be telling us all that this is clear proof of inertia.

You have to admit, there is something strange in the neighbourhood. Perhaps it's time for a change in staff - some would argue past time - but the rapid-fire timing of departures does cause one's eyebrows to raise...

"Rapid-fire"? Checking back through Sean's links shows that the timing of the three events cited in the article is April, September, and November.

Thanks for the hand, Calendar Reader - I usually split hairs all by my lonesome...

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