Who needs proof when you've got pudding

Back in June, the Hospital Employees' Union and the Canadian Union of Public Employees released a report that found the process used to review three major public-private partnerships projects - including the Abbotsford Hospital and Cancer Centre - "does not provide assurances that there are going to be real cost savings for the public." But that report - which was prepared for the unions by Blair Mackay Mynett Valuations Inc. team member Ron Parks - hasn't stopped the province from talking up the hospital out-of-country as an example of "how pay-for-performance achieves project objectives of delivering the best value for taxpayer." That's one of the issues Walter Hiller, the president and chief project officer for the hospital, will be discussing as a speaker at The United States Infrastructure Investing Summit - being held at the Digital Sandbox Network Event Centre in New York. Partnership British Columbia corporate affairs vice-president Suromitra Sanatani was initially scheduled to make that presentation.

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