I'll buy that for a dollar!

Want to meet federal Citizenship and Immigration Minister Monte Solberg? Well, now's the time. Because tickets for his lastest reception are being sold at bargian basement prices. In an email sent to fellow travellers, Burnaby-New Westminster Conservative constituency association director Robin Dhir boasts "this is probably the least expensive Political event you will attend all year" - at $20 a plate. The reception is being held tomorrow at the Riverside Palace Banquet Halls in Richmond. The following is a complete copy of that invite.

From: Robin Dhir
Sent: Tue 10/10/2006 5:03 PM
To: Robin Dhir
Subject: Invitation to Reception for Immigration Minister, Monte Solberg, Thursday, October 12th

Hello All,

Sorry for the mass email. Please see below. If you feel that you can sell a table (8 seats) then we will Reserve a table with preferential seating for you. Remember, this is probably the least expensive Political event you will attend all year and enjoy some great Indian Appetizers and Dinner. You can reserve with me or show up at the door.

RE: Invitation to Reception for Immigration Minister, Monte Solberg, Thursday, October 12th

The Richmond and Burnaby-NW Riding Associations are hosting an evening reception for Immigration Minister, Monte Solberg on Thursday, October 12th at the Riverside Palace in Richmond. Tickets are only $20 and will include appetizers and a buffet diner (Indian food). The reception will start at 6:30pm. Thank you for your support.

****An eTicket is attached to this email. Please print it today and pay at the door. ****

What: Reception for Immigration Minister, Monte Solberg
Where: Riverside Palace, 14431 Knox Way, Richmond (map with eTicket, attached).
When: Thursday, October 12th , 6:30pm ( Please mark your calendar today).


Robin Dhir


Sounds like they can't give these tickets away, why don't they contact the local food bank and bus some people from there?

I always thought Monte was the brighter person on the Conservative team. And then Peter McKay, until he lied to Orchardson. But I guess in politics it's the dollars that make things work. The meal would cover the 20 bucks asking price.


Prem I understand your name represents love. Where is the love.

P.S. Please tell me what bus shelter I should pick you up from tonight. Dinner is on me. Also, slap on some febreeze it is a fresh scented clean dinner.

Can someone please find poor Robin something to do other than shining St. Germain Jr.'s shoes?

No wonder the Tories can't completely capitalize on a period where the Libs are so totally rudderless.

What kind of person apologizes for a mass email after having just clicked fifty names to the top of the screen?? Ok, other than Allen Langdon.....

Easy there. Robin is not really no dinky director for a riding association, in reality he is the Conservative Indo-Canadian go-to-guy that gets things done and delivers.

Hey Neo Con, I guess they will be serving their famous beef meat balls at the Riverside Palace, but the cow dunk stinks around that area.

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