A full plate with extra helpings

Last week, The Vancouver Courier's Allen Garr broke the news the City of Vancouver had awarded Ken Dobell - along with former RAVCO Project Management Ltd. senior vice-president Don Fairbairn - a $300,000 contract "without it going to tender or without it going out for proposals from the public." Under that contract, Mr. Dobell and his partner will be responsible for proposing "a new model for addressing the problem of homelessness amongst residents battling addiction and/or mental health." This certainly makes Mr. Dobell, the premier's former chief of staff, a very busy boy.

As our astute readers may remember, last year Mr. Dobell signed a contract worth a maximum of $230,000 with the West Annex to provide advice to Gordon Campbell. Under that contract, he's also responsible for providing "high level liaison with the RAV project on major issues" and supporting the transportation ministry in "developing the transportation related elements of the Gateway program and the concept of a corporation to implement this program."

In addition, Mr. Dobell chairs the Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project, as well as the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games's finance committee. And he's a director with 2010 LegaciesNow, the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships and the Law Society of British Columbia. One wonders how he can find the time to do all this work?


Can't help but wonder if the new addiction model will be anything like that now not-so-new low income housing type deal going down?

And if so, does this mean mean welfare for pimps with tailors is just over the horizon.

In nothing but a hypothetical, 'for the turnstiles' sort of way, of course*.

*Because it would all be confidential don't you know.

Cha Ching ! Talk about a Richard Hatch cash in. Makes you wonder who is next in line to jump from the good ship Public Service.

What a joke...Just shows that Vancouver's NPA have long apron strings to Campbell's liberals!

Well, that makes him uniquely qualified then, doesn't it? He would be acutely aware of how those Olympics & Gateway mega-infrastructure projects will be sucking up all our tax dollars, which would explain why he's looking at the private sector for solutions to homelessness on a $300,000 budget.

Still, one might worry that if the private sector wasn't interested enough to finance all that infrastructure that will directly benefit their bottom lines, there might be a tad less interest in housing the homeless. Unless it's really hurting business, of course. Or perhaps Mr. Coleman's housing strategy offers unique new business opportunities?

Hat's off if he can do it, but in my recent experience, overflowing plates tend to lead to indigestion.

The stink in Terminal City can be smelt here in Victoria!
Campbell & Co. boast how they have doubled spending on shelters for the homeless. This is true but only because homelessness has exploded on their watch. Now for Vancouver to give Campbell's RRRight hand man a contract to deal with the problem Campbell worsened is ridiculous!

Wow! Must be nice to just have to float an idea or two and, bang, you've got the mortgages covered for another year.

But then, these nice gentlemen are now going to show us how to address the homeless problem. I think I can hear cheers echoing out from under the bridges.

However, I do find it rather odd Mr Dobell didn't whisper this proposal to his old boss who might be capable of actually doing something about homelessness.

Dobell seems to d pretty well by attaching himself to people close to other peoples money. works every time

History lesson. Ken Dobell was the City Manager in Vancouver for years and years and years.

He knows Vancouver extremely well and is well qualified to advise the City. And given the pressures coming with 2010 and his relationship to the Games, he seems to be in a good position to do so.

If people quibble about the amount, fine, I am not in a position to know whether that is fair or not. But Dobell knows his stuff and is well qualified to do the job.

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