You spin me right round baby, right round

The provincial government's public affairs bureau did some hole plugging exercises last week. Labour and citizens' services communications director Graham Currie replaces Tamara Little at energy, mines and petroleum resources. As some of our astute readers may know, Ms. Little is taking maternity leave. When she returns, she'll be going into labour (no pun intended). But, until that happens, children and family development communications manager Barb Wright will be doing seat warming duty as that ministry's top spin doctor.

Meanwhile, advanced education communications director Paul Wooley has been assigned to the public affairs shop at forests - which has been headless since Max Logan (nee Cleavley) left to become Finance Minister Carole Taylor senior political aide. That means a promotion for education communications manager Jennifer McCrea, who will be replacing Mr. Wooley at the ivory tower ministry.

And Anne McKinnon, the second-in-command at employment and income assistance, also gets a pip on her shoulder - filling Don McDonald shoes at environment. That frees Mr. McDonald to take over from Shawn Robins at tourism, sport and the arts - who is headed to attorney general to fill the post vacated by Carol Carman.

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