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Esquimalt councillor Jane Sterk says she's been "thinking about" running for the provincial Green leadership. In an interview with Public Eye, Ms. Sterk explained her decision to enter the race will partially depend on when the party holds its leadership convention. "If they called a convention in the spring, it won't really work with my timing," said the former provincial and federal Green candidate - who's committed to ensuring the capital regional district is "responsive to public input" concerning its sewage treatment plans. But she also said she would only step up to the startling line if "if I feel like I have something to offer that isn't being offered by the pool of candidates coming forward" - specifically "an understanding of the business community that in my view is absent from the Greens." Earlier, Public Eye reported former Vancouver school trustee Andrea Reimer and the party's external liason Silvaine Zimmerman weren't ruling out leadership bids. Green membership outreach coordinator Ben West also told The Georgia Straight's Matthew Burrows "People have definitely asked me (to run). I wouldn't say I'm not interested."

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Hey, even ONE person who's been elected to any level of government running for the federal or provincial Green Party leadership would be a first.

Two or three -- that's just gravy.

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