Under the sails versus at the oasis

Premier Gordon Campbell will be beating the bushes tonight in Surrey at the South Fraser Leader's Dinner. Fellow travellers have been invited to the Mirage Banquet Hall for an evening of festivities and fundraising at a cost of $200 per ticket and $1,500 for an eight-seat table. Cabinet ministers scheduled to be in attendance include Rich Coleman, John Van Dongen, Kevin Falcon, Olga Ilich, Mike de Jong and Wally Oppal.


Well the banquet hall suits them, as the Liberals seem to be a Mirage government!

What a thrilling thought. Get to listen to talk about tsunami's coming our way. Just how great BC is under the gang. and still get to apy for it. soort gang, can't make it , just in case some health provoded calls me to tell me the wait list has gotten smaller. My god, the idea of listening to DinDong or the overstuffed ex cop would upset any meal in my view. Get the house in session and resolve a few outstanding issues.

Ridings have to raise money (well Falcon's doesn't. His money bowl is overflowing like a

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