And then there was one

The provincial Greens may have a potential leadership candidate. In an interview with Public Eye, the party's external liason Silvaine Zimmerman confirmed "it was mentioned in one email that I was interested" in the job. Ms. Zimmerman - who was the federal Green 2005 Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country election candidate - said "the very same night" Adriane Carr announced she would be resigning "people called me up and told me that they would be interested (in supporting me) or had told other people that they thought I should run - including conservative people who I thought would have perceived me as a radical-type." But she clarified she's not "interest (in running) for ego reasons." Explained Ms. Zimmerman, "if I find there are people (in the leadership race) who outshine me in their capacity to do well and be well-received, I might step back."

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