Fertile ground?

The provincial Green leadership race seems to be running out of potential namebrand candidates. Former deputy leaders Colleen McCrory and Dennis Perry have already said they won't be putting their jogging shorts on. And, in an interview with Public Eye, Andrew Lewis - who was once the federal Green's deputy leader - confirmed he'll be joining Ms. McCrory and Mr. Perry on the bench. That leaves former Vancouver school trustee Andrea Reimer as the most recognizable hopeful left - simply because she hasn't said no to the prospect of filling Adriane Carr's shoes. And that could be bad news for the provincial Liberals. After all, according to The Tyee's Rex Wexler some strategists think, if the Greens hadn't split the left-wing vote in the last election, the New Democrats "would have won by one or even two ridings." So what happens in the next election if the Green don't have a leader who has some provincewide wattage?

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Probably less than 5% of voters knew who Adriane Carr was when she sought the leadership of the Green Party of BC, and likewise for Carole James when she announced she was seeking the leadership of the NDP. What is much more important than name recognition is intelligence, experience, people skills and character.

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