Staying in Valhalla

Earlier, former provincial Green deputy leader Dennis Perry told us he wouldn't be running for the party's top job. And, in an interview with Public Eye, his predecessor Colleen McCrory also ruled out a bid to replace outgoing leader Adriane Carr. Explained the Valhalla Wilderness Society executive director, "I'm basically in the middle of organizing a campaign to save mountain cariboo and inland rainforests and I feel I have to focus on that. And I also believe it's time for someone younger to step up to the bat. I think we've done some good work. And I'm still very interest in the Green Party's future. But I've gone back to private life. And I'm going to continue with my work on environmental issues." She then added that, in the past, her and Ms. Carr have spoken about their time in the party as being "a transition time. And now we have to hope. We would build up the party and get it organized. And now we have to hope some new and incredibly wonderful people come forward."


What about David Anderson?

the green party leadership turtle crawl... err race, seems to be a good cure for insomnia. No one stepping forward, just everyone stepping back. Hmm maybe reality of BC's electoral politics is starting to sink into the greens.

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