Maximus forensis perturbo?

Our good friends at Maximus BC Health Inc. seem to have gotten in a spot of legal bother with one of their subcontractors. According to Dow Jones Newswire's John Moritsugu Emergis Inc. - which was hired by Maximus "to deliver a new medical claims adjudication system and processing environment for the Ministry of Health of British Columbia" - has initiated an arbitration process with the company. Emergis is alleging Maximus "prevented it from carrying out its obligations under the subcontract. It said work has been suspended under the subcontract. In the event the subcontract is terminated, Emergis said it will seek additional financial compensation, including punitive damages." Undoubtably, British Columbians will be all chocked up about this latest bout of bad news for the company that is now responsible for administering the province's Medical Services Plan and PharmaCare programs,


I was wondering when maximuswould be in the news again. They failed to meet contract standards so often it was getting a bit silly. While all this infighting is going on, is anyone really looking after the MSp and Pharmacare programs? some minister willll no doubt tell us all is well. I somehow stopped believing those guys the day after they got elected.

Of course some minister will and is telling the public all is well, because the Gov't doesn't want it back. The only ones that are looking after the programs are the employees. The employer's 1st priority right from the beginning, is how many, how fast calls get answered and to hell with the paperwork that's been piling up for months. They're trying to run a social program like a Home Depot. The public has no idea what's going on there. I predict the shareholders will pull out soon. The place is going to hell in a handbag. ex-employee jumped off a sinking ship.

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