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Back in February, Minister Rich Coleman told Public Eye we'd have to "wait with everyone else" to receive details about his new housing strategy, adding it would "confidential until I release it." Of course, most dictionaries define "confidential" as an adjective describing something that's secret or private. Although it seems the Fort Langley-Aldergrove MLA has a somewhat different understanding of that word, having discussed that strategy at length with friends and supporters - including 450 of them at his annual barbeque.

But, as reported by the Times Colonist, Minister Coleman is scheduled to let British Columbians in on his little secret on October 3 - an announcement which is expected to focus on handing out rent supplements rather than funding social housing. Although The Vancouver Sun's Pete McMartin recently paraphrased Pivot Legal Society lawyer David Eby as saying it will also include "supportive housing for the mentally ill and the addicted, and an increase in shelter allowances."

Meanwhile, according to our operatives, the government has tenatively branded Minister Coleman's plan as the Housing Matters strategy - which may raise a few eyebrows at B.C. Non-Profit Housing Association. After all, that's how the association is styling it's upcoming annual general meeting.


I cannot believe the audacity of rental supplements! This is money that goes straight into a landlords pocket after he/she/they raise the rents in their single room hovels from $350 to $350 plus whatever the supplement is. And then no return back to government...zilch, but perhaps donations to the Liberal Party from suddenly richer slumlords. And I'm sure, in fact I think I read here somewhere, that they've been lobbying and donating to get this anyway.
How will supplements create more housing units? Spend that money building actual units with municipal and federal cooperation and not only are you creating badly needed spaces, you also get a RETURN of money from rent that is paid, which pays for construction and management. Funny how a voter has to teach Rich Coleman business sense.
People will say gov't shouldn't be in that business, well neither is anyone else, and I don't blame them, I'd rather build something and sell them too, much more profit...but that is why the government exists, to pick up the slack when the free marker won't touch it. For an example of the benefits and management model for when social housing is built, look at the Cool Aid Society's web page.
This will be another of the Liberals Bad Business Decisions...this is throwing away taxpayer money...I thought these guys were all "businessmen" who could run the province properly and make wise decisions. And we thought the NDP couldn't run a lemonade stand, these guys couldn't even get it up and running.
So with this, there are still people living on the street for lack of an affordable place to live, and slumlords, and in fact all landlords as supplements will end up driving rents up everywhere, get a windfall that keeps paying and paying paying...right out of yours and my pocket.

Aaah! Corporate welfare. How innovative indeed!

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