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Now that Adriane Carr has announced she's going to step down as leader of the provincial Green the speculation begins on who's going to replace her? Coalition to Save Eagleridge Bluffs president Dennis Perry, the party's former deputy leader, has been mentioned as a successor. But, in an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Perry ruled out a leadership bid saying, "I'm very interested in the party. And I want what's best for the party. And I'm very interested in seeing a strong leader emerge...And I'll support the improving fortunes of the Green Party. But it won't be as leader."

But former Vancouver school trustee Andrea Reimer was less unequivocable when asked whether she was interested in running. Said Ms. Reimer, "Ariane announced that she was stepping down less than 24 hours ago. And I think it's just really a time to focus on her rather than anyone else" - which, astute Public Eye readers will note, is neither as yes nor a no.

Other names making the blue sky list include former Victoria federal election candidate Ariel Lade, Esquimalt councillor Jane Sterk, David Suzuki's daughter Severn, the party's membership outreach coordinator Ben West and former provincial election candidates Damian Kettlewell (Vancouver-Point Grey), Angela Reid (Okanagan-Westside) and Andy Shadrack (Columbia River-Revelstoke).

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Andrew Lewis ( or ) is one of the Green Party's top vote-getters, and should be on the list of candidates.

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