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Last week, in an interview with Public Eye, Adriane Carr declined to comment on rumours she might be leaving British Columbia politics to become federal Green leader Elizabeth May's deputy. And, lo and behold, today Ms. Carr announced she will be stepping down as leader of the provincial Greens. But, in an interview with Public Eye, the party's media liason Heather Drugge said her boss has not yet made it known whether she'll be going national. The following is a complete copy of that announcement.

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September 24, 2006

Adriane Carr Steps Down
Inspirational BC Green Party Leader Encourages Party Growth

Gibsons, BC - Green Party of BC leader, Adriane Carr, announced today her intention to step down as party leader at the end of November, 2006. Carr lead the party through two elections (2001 and 2005), establishing the Green
Party as BC's third major political party. Her decision reflects her commitment to ensuring Green politics move ahead in the next provincial election in 2009.

"After seeing the excitement the Green Party leadership race at the federal level generated, I am sure that we can attract new members to the party by holding a vibrant leadership contest with new faces, said Carr. "British Columbians are embracing Green policies and I believe the best way for the party to continue building momentum is to open the door to new leadership."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as leader, meeting and talking with people across the province and raising issues I feel passionate about. The BC Green Party has moved forward tremendously and accomplished a lot. I
believe it will continue to grow in influence. Many of the policies of government today were first articulated by Greens. We were the first party to seriously champion electoral reform in order to make our democracy work better. We were also the first to raise red flags over provincial fire preparedness and 2010 Olympic budget overruns. We were the first party to suggest the banning of junk food in school cafeterias, now being phased in. Our Green Party has been the strong political voice citizens have counted on in campaigns to stop the Duke Point power plant, halt Uranium mining and raw log exports, stop offshore oil development, ban fish farms, promote renewable energy, replace the car-focused Gateway project with better transit and support local, organic farming as a reliable food source. The list is long and will only grow as Greens make policy that makes sense for our province and for the people."

During the 2005 Annual General Meeting of the BC Green Party, Carr won a resounding 80% vote of confidence in her leadership of the party. Over the last 6 years, the BC Green Party, under Carr's leadership, has garnered a steady 10% of the popular vote and much higher percentages in her own and other ridings. Carr participated in the last election's televised debate, in which many commentators and citizens said she shone.

"While I am sad to leave such a solid and committed team, I am excited about the possibilities for the future of the Green Party in BC," says Carr. "Nothing attracts new members to a party more than a leadership race. We have some very capable people in the party who I am sure would be interested in taking us to the next level, and there are many people not yet active in the party who will be drawn to this position, too."

"Adriane is entering a new phase in her career as a lifetime environmental activist and voice for social justice and economic sustainability," said acting Green Party of BC Chair, Roy Ball. "We will always be grateful for her leadership and ability to draw people to the party. We wish Adriane the best in the future and thank her for her years of service above and beyond the call of duty."

"The Green Party represents a huge base of people from across the province who are joining the party and who really want governments to implement Green policy, to protect our environment and ensure a healthy, sustainable future for our children and their children. I expect the next years to be the most vibrant and innovative for the Green Party of BC," said Carr.


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