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Today, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. announced it had purchased the "two-year old" MV Sonia to replace the Queen of the North for approximately $50.6 million. But, last year, Trinidad and Tobago United National Congress parliamentarian Fuad Khan told the house of representatives the Sonia - which once sailed between the two islands - was actually registered much earlier. Said Dr. Khan "from September 24, 2001, (the vessel) was (registered as the) Atsalakis 010; on August 04, 2003, it went to the Adamantios Korais; it went back to the Sonia on July 26, 2004 and then October 19, 2004, three months afterward, it became the Adamantios Korais again and then it became the Sonia on November 08, 2004." In an interview with Public Eye, ferry services spokeswoman Deborah Marshall maintained the vessel had been built in 2004.


Yeah, well, that reads about like BC Hydro and how it still belongs to us, eh?

B.C. Ferries services spokeswoman Deborah Marshall perhaps should be in used car sales. Maybe in her statements she should say, Has very low milage, sailed by an old lady to go to church only on Sundays. What a clown.

Has anyone read Vaughn Palmer's rant about how the northern ferry runs are costing poor southern taxpayers way too much money in subsidies? I sometimes wonder how some people in the Greater Vancouver and Victoria areas are able to persuade themselves that somehow they are being hard done by in terms of the distribution of provincial and federal expenditures. One would have to fix the blinkers pretty tightly to come up with that conclusion.

Perhaps Ms. Marshall should check to see whether or not there were any MV Sonia stem-ferries preserved from that long-lived embryo in, say, 2002?


Shouldn't take much time to go check out some ship registries or even a couple of marine Insurance companies to get to the bottom of this deal. Either way I find it hard to believe a boat that costs around 50 million will end up at 100 million. Oh sorry folks. Since the outfit is now a private company they have to pay taxes and import duties and travel costs etc. None of which would happen if the darn thing was built in this country and the BC Government actually admitted they still own most of the company. If they don't, why are we increasing the subsidy? Silly us. And for some reason the voters believed Gordon and Co. were great managers.

According to ship's registry (inlcuding Lloyds) information, the MV Sonia was indeed completed in 2004. The ship prior to being bought by BC Ferries was on active service between Barcelona Spain and Spainish islands in the Mediterranean.

BC Ferry docks are not ferry docks of a design
used world wide so the ship needs to be reconfigured to fit, plus some fitting out.

In regards to Disbelief, none of this would have happened if the NDP hadn't gone wild on those aluminum cans and had neglected the fleet.

it would be impossible to get a ship completed within in a year of the size to meet the requirements of Central Coast service.

Hey captain, are you telling us that the ferry docks that have been around since before the NDP were in government were all changed for the fast ferries, that were build to run between Nanaimo and Vancouver. And if the docks up the coast were modified, why didn't our Ferry system contract with the present owners , and origional builders of those fast ferries to provide service up the coast for this last summer.I'm in the same court as Disbelief. Are you sure you arn't really Deb Marshall in mufti? Wonder how a boat less than three years old has managed to cross the Atlantic a couple of times and be owneed by three different companies, has better accomodation than the boat that sunk but will still need millions of our dollars to bring it up to standards. And no matter what anyone says, we the BC tax payers are paying a lot of the costs, not some mythical private company. I seem to recall this present government telling us they won't bail out private companies. so are they bailing them out now or is the hands off position changed? I do recall that the fascats were bult, right here in BC using BC skilled workers, all paying taxes right here. The boats being built by germany won't be paying any taxes locally, are heavily subsidized by their country, something that doesn't happen here. And don't give us the old BS about how the cats couldn't operate in the inside passage in summer.

Has anyone investigated to see if there are/were two ships with the name Sonia?

Try www.factaomfartyg.se/adamantios_korais_204.htm. It is in Swedish but you'll get the idea. M.V. Admantios Korias was built for a firm in Pireus Greece and intended for the Greek-Italian trade. It was indeed launched in July 2004. By November 2004 it had been leased to the government of Trinidad and Tobago for service between the two islands and was renamed the M.V.Sonia. For whatever reason that didn't work out and in January 2006 it was sold to a firm in Nassau, Bahamas and leased to the Spanish ferry operator Balearia as a temporary replacement for their Barcelona Ibiza run during the summer of 2006. During the summer of 2006 the ship was bought by BC ferries (when it was in fact 2 years old) and when the Spanirds were done with their short term seasonal lease the ship wes renamed M.V. Sonia X for its transit to BC and renamed again in Victoria with the geeky moniker Northern Adventure. Pictures in all of its liveries are available at the above site.

Thanks Rick. I was starting to think that there really were no intelligent life forms on the LEFT side of the country.

Beam me up Scotty!

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