Men and women with mouthpieces

Earlier, we reported the premier's deputy chief of staff responsible for communications and research Steve Vanagas would be leaving government for the government as BC Hydro Corp.'s corporate communications director. Since his departure, there's much talk about who would get that post. And it turns out it's not the candidate many thought it would be. Instead, caucus communications director Dale Steeves has been handed that post - which is now styled as the premier's director of communications. Meanwhile, senior caucus communications officer Doug Brown is taking over Mr. Steeves's old job on an acting basis. And we would be remiss if we didn't mention Tiffany Akins's new gig as the public affairs bureau's media relations manager - essentially the same position once occupied by Kelly Gleeson. Press gallery dwellers will remember Ms. Akins as having been one of the bureau's media relations officers before heading to water, land and air protection back in July 2004.


Congrats to Dale, quiet and capable. He will do a good job

I have a bit of a dumb question. Is Dale Steeves a member of the same Steeves family that have been CCF and NDP stalwarts since the days when the Richmond Delta area was covered by glaciers?

Budd, not certain of the specific heritage, but he was a reporter for Kamloops This Week before he took a buy-in.

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