Local acts more global?

When prominent environmentalist Elizabeth May won the federal Green leadership back in August, the first person she invited on stage to celebrate her victory was Adriane Carr. That got tongues talking about the possibility the provincial Green leader may soon be resigning and going national - perchance as Ms. May's deputy. So what does Ms. Carr have to say about such talk? In interview with Public Eye, the former Western Canada Wilderness Committee executive director said "There are rumours." But added "I have no comment on the record about that" when asked for one.


Does it really matter if she loses a seat federally or provincially?

So you're saying that two people from different levels of politics that will never win a seat with their current party are going to team up federally and not win a seat together?

Hmm. Should we think about not voting for them globally, and then act by not voting for them locally?

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