Elephant meets mouse?

Yesterday, we broke the news that University of Victoria drug policy researcher Alan Cassels's speech to health bureaucrats had been postponed by deputy minister Gordon Macatee. The reason: "Given Mr. Cassell's very specific viewpoint, the ministry would like to ensure someone representing the other viewpoint is booked (to speak) - if not at the same time, a couple weeks later," according to health communications executive director Marisa Adair. Monday Magazine's Andrew Macleod is also following the story. In his piece, Mr. Cassels is paraphased as saying he's "given similar talks for ministry staff in the past, before the publication of his book" Selling Sickness: How the World's Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies are Turning us all into Patients. Added Mr. Cassels, "I didn't think I was that much of a threat. I'm just a little guy, a peon. Why would they be threatened by me?"


Wow - that was really smart Gordo - how to turn a non-story into a story - and in the process demoralize your staff!

Now they will be asking for your permission to go to the bathroom - and with good reason.

Given that you are the Deputy Minister of Health, surely you should be spending your time addressing far more critical issues rather then spending your time "miutia-managing" and in the process screwing-up such a non-issue.

Unfortunately, my last statement was purely rhetorical as clearly "you are in way over your head".

Where's Penny when you need her?

Oh I forgot, she left because of too much interference in the Ministry's affairs from the Premier and his Deputy Minister.

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