Backbench feet fight for stepping stone

Some more squibs from the provincial Liberal caucus chair election campaign trail: according to our operatives, MLAs will be casting their ballots tomorrow. As we've already reported, the candidate list includes Mary Polak (Langley), John Rustad (Prince George-Omineca) and John Yap (Richmond-Steveston). And we're told Ron Cantelon (Nanaimo) is also in the race.


Ok, it's just got to be said again...there really is something about Mary, she's so damn hot. The smoking, the drinking, the cussing, the nails, yowza! She's just hotter than a pistol.

Do we really care as Grdon runs even the smallest thing in that government. I guess the person who is most likely to grovel and say yessir the fastest will get the job

Anyone that can smoke, drink, curse and quote liberally from almost any passage of the Bible, absolutely, positively should get the head job.

She's got the hot pants at the dance!

Mary, Mary, quite contrary.......

But isn't this the very position some fool was predicting Kevin (the mouth that roars) Krueger was going to get a few weeks ago on this very site?

bleeding heart said some "fool" was predicting Kruger would win. Whomever wrote it is no more of a fool than someone who calls another person a fool because their opinions differ. In my view I could care less who gets a few more bucks in the Campbell and Co. group. Gordo calls the shots to its money in the bank for someone

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