Where Howard Dean went, the provincial Greens are following. Inspired by a recent presentation given by the former Democrat president candidate's campaign manager Joe Trippi, the Green's new membership outreach coordinator Ben West says his party will be giving members the information technology tools needed to have an impact on the political process. Speaking on Public Eye Radio, Mr. West explained "What we're hoping to do is create the opportunity for people to build their own spaces (on the Green Website) - kind of like myspace."

"What this means is that any member can come to our Website or will be able to soon and actually set up a space for themselves where they can upload their own content, they can upload their own links, they can personalize the space. And beyond that they can start building communities of people with similar interests...And people get together around their common interests and their common beliefs. And what that can do is it creates a little world that can come up with it's own ideas, it can create it's own campaigns, it can get together, it can use the resources that are provided for them to actually create action. And I think this is the model that the Green Party really needs to pursue."

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