No work, no problem!

Last week, provincial Liberal House Leader Mike de Jong said there wasn't much for MLAs to do at the Rockpile right now except for "busy work." But perhaps cancelling the fall legislative session isn't the answer to that problem. Perhaps MLAs simply need to take on more responsibilities. Speaking with Public Eye Radio, The Tyee's Will McMartin suggested the Campbell administration look to Auditor General Wayne Strelioff's final report for inspiration. The report, entitled Strengthening Accountability, notes that "ten years ago, the select standing committee on public accounts recommended the performance plans and reports of government be referred to standing committees. This recommendation has not yet been acted upon."

"The purpose of such a referral is to provide legislators with the opportunity to carry out a more meaningful public scrutiny of the performance of government. Members of standing committees would then review the reports in public forum. In the Fall, they would report publicly on the results of their reviews and provide advice to help the responsible minister plan for the future."

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Gordon really doesn't want to be in the house as the Basi trails starts. Along with folks concerns about a lot of things. Wait lists , reports of hospital ER's swamped and on and on. So he did as he has done before. Shut things down and to hell with the citizens, even the ones who voted for him. Did I vote for him? You got to be kidding. I recall his style when he was a councillor on Vancouver Council, and when he became Mayor. Iwouldn't vote for him for the job of dog catcher as I have some regard for dogs.

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