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As our astute readers know, yesterday was the first time provincial New Democrats have had a chance to speak with one another face-to-face since their retreat in Penticton. And what did they discuss at that meeting? Well, our understanding is that much time was spent talking with John Pollard - the former New Democrat government's agencies, boards and commissions director - who has been advising the party on the work of the electoral boundary commission. And while we're encouraged to see the socialists finally taking such a keen interest in the commission, one wonders when they're going to get around to discussing political strategy for the upcoming fall legislative session - or lack thereof.


2 words, jack layton,,fringe fest champ,,,,glenn

The BC NDP are scoialists about as much as the BC Liberals are fascists.

I don't see you calling the BC LIberals fascists, Sean.

Isn't it a conflict of interest to have the husband of a sitting MLA being part of the party advisory for electoral boundary commission?

Since we know that Surrey would be getting at least one new riding if the Legislature is expanded, I wonder if he would recommend changing the boundaries of the strong NDP riding Surrey Green Timbers that his wife, Sue Hammel, is MLA for?

well they won't have to be discussing a fall sitting as Gordo pulled the plug. Too much interesting stuff has been happening and since question period went to 30 minutes, a few ministers have to get on their hind legs and try to bluff their way past a few good questioners who actually study the issues before talking about it.

I think the Surrey voter is confused...Pollard has nothing to do with the commission, he is an "advisor" to the NDP, not from, or to, the Electoral Boundary Commission.

Not confused at all... I am talking about within our NDP family - there will be at least 1 new seat and probably 2 in Surrey - I don't think Mr Pollard will recommend any boundaries that would place his wife's seat in jeopardy to the benefit of us getting extra seats - that is a conflict as far as I am concerned.

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