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Back in March, Public Eye was the first to report rumours that the Campbell administration was giving thought to shortening or even perhaps even axing the upcoming fall legislative session. And, today, The Province's Ian Bailey quoted provincial Liberal House Leader Mike de Jong as saying, "There is unlikely to be a full fall session." And there may not be one at all if the special committee to appoint a representative for children and youth doesn't have a candidate for the legislature to approve. Meanwhile, The Tyee's Will McMartin is calling on MLAs to "relinquish half of their current salaries" if there isn't a fall session.


I ran into a certain government backbench MLA downtown Van recently and he adivsed me that there was more than likely going to be a short fall session. This was Thursday, August 31.

SO Gordon brings in fixed dates for the House to sit. What a waste of time if now Gordo decides the fixed dates don't mean much of anything. Mind you Gordo claimed he had no interest in breaking contracts, and went ahead and did so. Are the opposition such a threat he doesn't want to spend time actually answering concerns of the great unwashed taxpayers? The guy has no credibility. Bit of a power hungy person as well.

Who gives a shit if there is a fall session anyway? Certainly not the average voters who hired these guys in the first place. This government has been as accountable and transparent as any other in BC's history and probably more than most. Why call the legislative branch back if there is not enough house business to justify it? The House has already sat for approximately 43 days this year. Does anyone think for a second that the government cannot secure the confidence of the house? Does the work of government stop when the house is not sitting? Do MLA's all of a sudden stop holding office hours in there constituency offices if there is no fall session? Does anyone think for a second that the media and opposition will stop trying to hold the government accountable all because the legislature is not in session.

The people of this province elected this government to lead and provide good government. Not to keep washed up wankers like Will McMartin happy.

Funny, there was never any talk of cancelling these regularly scheduled sittings of the legislature when there were only 2 sitting members of the opposition.

Well, if the Tyee says so

And the point of having a session when there is no business to do? No point at all. Think, at least, about all the associated costs to taxpayers.

The reality is that this Premier will go down in history as one of the best we've ever had. Similarly, so will this Government. Save and except for the occasional bonehead Minister not reading a report before commenting on it in the press or another one appointing former Lib MA's to the ALC, the Cabinet is loaded with talent and commitment that need not be permanently on display in the Legislature.

Without any substantive work to be had, there is absolutely no point in having a session.

Of course the NDP want a session. With the posssible exceptions of Farnworth, Dix and Ralston, the rest of their ilk, most notably Robertson, the "star" that fizzled, have done sweet f**k all. I had to laugh at Carole James' comments in the Sun yesterday. "Everyday is a leadership (contest) in our Party". Well, what do you expect toots when there's not a shred of leadership in anything you and the NDP have done: messaging, policy, etc. (with such shoddy organizing and lousy media you'd think they were running Sam Sullivan's office :-)))))

But the tofu turkey set needn't get their rainbow coloured thermal underwear in a slip knot.

If the super secret mutual mental masturbation society that almost screwed up the last election for the Libs don't get a few replacements and additions (from outside downtown Vancouver) next time around, you may see us coming closerthanthis to a Premier Farnworth.

"The people" have very short memories. They only polls that will count will be the ones right before, during and after the writ.

And whether or not a session was had when there was nothing to talk about won't factor into anything at the ballot box.

There's not money for teachers and schools despite the overcrowded non-privae, non-point grey schools yet these clowns think it's ok for them to be paid for not working? You have to be out of your god damn mind.

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