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Following the last legislative session, much ado was made out of the provincial New Democrat's question period performance - or lack thereof. But how has the Opposition reacted to those less than favourable reviews? Well, according to our operatives, the New Democrats created four new caucus committees earlier this summer to encourage better coordination amongst the critics and brainstorm lines of attack against the government. Each committee is responsible for a different issue area: community, the economy, health and good government.


Typical NDP approach.

See a problem, and then make up a committee to
study the problem and invoke co-ordination.

The simple result?

Work as a team, and do the research (there's people over there that get paid good money to do that sort of thing. Martyn Brown was one of those

Check the facts and let the critics do what they're supposed to do (according to the label
stuck on them).

Multiple committees accomplishing the same outcome wastes time.

If the critic can't do a good quality job, get
someone else to do it.

Brilliant strategy. Neuter your pitbulls like Harry Lalli and co. and form committees to coordinate things. No wonder the ndp is so low in the polls, the bureaucrats are in charge! I suppose thats what you get when you elect a former bureaucrat as leader. Whats next, feel good sessions among all the critics, maybe they could have a brainstorming session at a spa, or better yet go away to a fancy resort and try to get in touch with their inner selves.

Jim, they've done all of that before.

In the vintage days of the NDP, the critics were called "Debate Leaders", and it wasn't "Mr. Premier" or "Premier" used by the NDP MLA's. It was "Mike".

The NDP is good at forming bureaucracy but lousy when running government

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