Deja vu all over again

Today, The Vancouver Sun's Heather Travis reported "A high-risk offender convicted of manslaughter and sexual assault disappeared from his Vancouver half-way house Wednesday. The Vancouver police department's high-risk offender unit was notified early in the morning that 33-year old Daniel Perrault was missing and could pose a threat." As our astute readers may remember, this isn't the first time Mr. Perrault has escaped from the justice system. Back in September 1993, he walked away from a minimum-security jail and raped a woman at knifepoint. That crime occurred just one month after he had been transferred to the New Haven Correctional Centre from Willingdon - a juvenile facility with tighter security. A subsequent judicial inquiry conducted by then British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Jo-Ann Prowse questioned that transfer, noting Willingdon program director Gordon Hogg "must also accept responsibility for his decision to endorse choice of New Haven as an appropriate placement for Mr. Perrault." This, of course, is the same Gordon Hogg who resigned as the minister of children and family development following the Doug Walls affair and was recently reappointed to cabinet.


This is disgusting and yet another reason why the true conservatives are not represented by the BC Liberal party. You have people like Gordon Hogg, Wally "Slap on the Wrist" Oppal and Carole "Give all our money away to keep the unions quiet" Taylor in control. We need a BC Conservative Party now!!!

Put me down as another disgruntled conservative. How is it that BC's supposed right-wing government has done the following things in recent months:

-Strike a deal with gay activists to have homosexuality taught in our schools
-Give billions of taxpayer dollars to buy off big union bosses
-Argue that Clifford Olson is entitled to a parole hearing every two years

Hey folks, you can't go around admitting Gordo and Co is sort of right wing, leads a party of centre right and way far right. The money for the unions came after beating them up a few years ago along with seniors, the poor the disabled and any one else who isn't a conservative stooge, and now Gordo needs to look good for the Olympics. We promise we won't ask for more money, except maybe for security. Hell the tax payers are loaded so hit them again

That pesky right-of-centre coalition is finally showing some cracks. How much longer can Gordo keep his house of cards together?

Sick of Liberals wrote: "...a deal with gay activists to have homosexuality taught in our schools"

Ob, really? And what exactly will be taught? Tolerance, perhaps?

A little ignorance is a dangerous thing.

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