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As our astute readers may know, last night the federal Liberal's appeal committee heard witnesses testify about the Vancouver-Kingsway nomination race controversy. And who took the stand, you may wonder? Well, Harris and Company LLP partner Dean Crawford, representing the party, called the Liberal's British Columbia president Jamie Elmhirst, ad hoc election readiness coordinator (wat's dat?) Sharon Apsey, constitutional advisor Martin MacLachlan, executive director Mark Grant, office manager Cherrine Chow and Vancouver-Kingsway returning officer Don Grant. Harper Grey LLP partner Bryan Baynham, representing failed nomination candidate Mason Loh, added his client and three of Mr. Loh's campaign volunteers - Mary Kean, Lina Yuen and Greg Wilson to the witness list. And Lakes Straith & Whyte LLP partner Jay Straith, representing winning nomination candidate Wendy Yuan, brought his client's campaign chair Mike Hillman to the stand. The hearing wrapped up at 1:50 in the morning. An appeal decision hasn't yet been reached but is expect in written form sometime this afternoon.


Good Grief! From the process and the presence of lawyers, an innocent person would assume they were arguing over assets of some value. Maybe the Liberals haven't realized that they are in opposition and broke.

Greg Wilson certainly takes great notes!

Well, they let the appeal go forward and have it's day in court... err... committee. One step better than the Conservatives did with Lalli.

Yes, Greg takes exceptional notes, I can attest to that.....

More importantly, it seems that the Liberals actually made an effort to embrace democracy, for once, in this affair. How appropriate to have the locals deal with a local issue, without having to listen to nonsense from on high (read: Ottawa)

Indeed, that did not happen in the Lalli Affair in Fleetwood Port Kells and that's why the Mark Marrisen's and Bruce Young's of the world have one less riding to worry about.

Interesting: Let's see here:

- Dean Crawford supports Gerard Kennedy,
- Jay Straith supports Michael Ignatieff, and
- Wendy Yuan supports Stephane Dion.

They are all working together very well to argue against this fishing expedition undertaken by Mason Loh, who supports Bob Rae. It sounds like Bob Rae is not going to be getting any second ballot support in British Columbia.

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