A healthy conversation?

Last week, Monday Magazine's Andrew MacLeod reported "Premier Gordon Campbell's conversation on health is starting September with four sessions for health ministry staff. According to a notice distributed to ministry employees in Victoria, they are invited to 'meet the conversation on health team' and share their suggestions and ideas." The article notes, that "so far...it has been unclear what shape that conversation will take." But one of the sculptors will be retired senior government flack Betty Nicholson, Public Eye has learned. She's been awarded a communication contract as part of that conversation. Ms. Nicholson, a 29-year civil service veteran, left the bureaucracy back in August 2004.


When I had a serious complaint that needed emediate attention regarding how seniors are being treated through the NETCare pilot program in Chilliwack,



I called the offending agency within the Fraser Health Region, then the Fraser Health Authority itself to no avail, and finally the Health Ministers office. I was told that I could post my concerns on Premier Campbell’s website. That was in May of this year.

It was very apparent that no one within either the Fraser Health Authority or the Ministry of Health saw it fitting to hear my concerns and investigate to see if there was any merit to my complaint.

So as wonderful as this "healthy conversation" seems to be in the eyes of the government, it didn't address an issue that was in my opinion, emediate with regard to my father's health care as well as other senior's in the Chilliwack area.

Needless to say I am not impressed. The Health Authorities run with almost total autonomy. Considering that we are dealing with a socialized health safety net which is paid by joe taxpayer, the health authorities need to be accountable as well as our government.

Blowing me off by telling me to post my complaint on the Premiers website is inexcusable.

Nothing Against Betty, who is one of the few actual professionals, left doing communications for the BC Government. But the question here???…Where was this contract posted? Was there an RFP or even Request for Qualifications? Was it posted on BC Bid ?

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