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As noted earlier, we're presently tweaking Public Eye's layout to accomodate advertising. So readers should notice some further changes today, courtesy of our resident graphic designer Victor Crapnell and Ian King. We hope you'll agree this new format is less claustrophobic.


Allowing the browser to display the page full screen wide format helps a lot.

Sean, advertising is OK. You have to eat and have a life just as much anybody and earning your keep is kewl.

I'd suggest, in addition to full-width display, that the right side be complimentary in style to the ads on the left. Don't make the right identical in style but artistically complimentary rather than the current contrast... bookendish side-to-side but not identicial.


Assuming that I've not dropped by during an unfortunate mid-stream update, your format is now too wide. Make it "elastic", instead.

If you insist on forcing width, at least do your readers the courtesy of moving the unsightly google ad bar to the right hand side. As it is the side bar navigation on the right is almost totally obscured in a browser window that is 862px wide.

If you are designing for 1024 wide screens only, you'll tick off those who a) run 800x600 or b) do not care to give up their entire screen to a browser window.

If your goal is to maximize ad revenue, it will fail anyway - readership will either drop off, or view via RSS readers and be spared the agony of the redesign.

I'd reduce the type size. too big.

I agree with changing the default font, ease up and drop the serif. However, ignore Web Designer..(who so isn't that). No one cares about the 2% of web surfers who still have their 1990 era 800 wide monitors. Anyone whose upgraded in the last two years has 1280..

Also move the ad space down about 80 pixels or so, or move the wanted to the top left so the ads don't hit you eye before the article title does. I'd also suggest going grey on the posted by links to soften it out, and maybe try and do something with the intro line to lead in.

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