Du Toit hearts Hughes?

Children and family development civil service supremo Lesley du Toit has yet to have a formal meeting with Ted Hughes to discuss his independent review into British Columbia's child and youth system. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Hughes said "I have met her - only at a social function. But we did have the opportunity of meeting and having a chat. But that's the only occassion I've had...We had a chat about what my role had been and what her challenges would be ahead." So at least there was that. Mr. Hughes's review was released almost six months ago.


And why would Lesley have any reason to meet with Ted? Isn't the purpose of an independent review to occupy some semi-retired old fart for a few months giving the Goverment cover on a controversial issue while the public conveniently forgets about it? There isn't really an expectation that the Government will actually read much less implement any of the reports recommendations once the heat is off is there?

I am sure that David is waiting with baited breath for George's report!

du Toit seems to prefer to meeting with people who agree with her perspective and plans as can be seen in the individuals she's appointed to the "Transformation Team".

I take offence at your calling ex Judge Ted Hughes a semi retired old fart. Judge Hughes did the inquiry in Vancouver when Sgt Pepper was pushing people off the streets, a few years ago under the direction of the Liberal Government. He was a federal senior negotiator for Treaties, and is presently doing the hearings for residential school claims. His credibility isn't questioned by most people and he had no problem telling Premier Campbell he was dead wrong. The Campbell government pretty well had to accept all of the Judge's findings. The fellow who used to be the minister that Ms. Lesley Du Toit was to report to, has faded into the tourism ministry. Be a bit more adult in what you say about such a distinguised person as Ted Hughes. Your words would fall off his back as you are obviously not too sharp in your thinking. Ex Judeg Hughes is very sharp and I would hate to be up in front of him in any inquiry


Despite how competent and distinguished you feel Mr. Hughes is, the net result is that the "prime implementor" of Mr. Hughes' report won't even speak with him outside of a cocktail party. To me that suggests that the Government has no respect for Mr. Hughes, his opinions, the report or anything else related to him except for being able to use his name to deflect criticism over the death of a young girl.

Perhaps Mr. Hughes thought that he could make a difference and that his opinions would be implemented. As a career "civil servant" I would have thought that he would have known better.

If it was me and I had an ounce of integrity or self-respect I wouldn't stand for such treatment. How about Mr. Hughes hand back his taxpayer funded paycheque during a press release commenting that if the Government had no intention of ever implementing his recommendations then he wants no part of the process and doesn't want their money.

That of course won't happen.

Really now, Innocent Bystander, would YOU hand back your cheque under similar circumstances? There are other ways Judge Hughes has let us know that Ms du Toit has not met with him and which, speak volumes about this Deputy Minister.

Inncent. It was the premier through good old Stan Hangen who hired Ex Judge Hughes. The Premier was told he was wrong.He was told it in public. Everyone read it in asorted news articles. The premier said they would follow all the recommendations. Hagen is gone and a out of country Deputy showed up. In my view what you and I think is right really doesn't mean that much. It has no political overtones for us. If the Premier ignors what he already agreed to do, well that a polictical deciosion he will have to live with. If the deputy won't speak to Hughes the author of the report, well I guess that's up to her boss. Expect the latest minister to go through the revolving doors rather quickly.

I happened to run into the Judge a few days ago, havn't seen him as another fellow in town for years and I din't ask him who had been talking to him, we discussed treaty issues. That's where I first net the man and yes I do have a lot of respect for him.and I'm not alone on that score. He is very sharp. Just ask Bill Vanderzam, or some federal Liberals who got burned on the inquiry in Vancouver when the hacks tried to keep protesters from showing up anywhere near the big wheels. and by the way, when his commission was first started the BC government wanted a whole bunch of other commissioners. Hughes sadi No, I'll do it.all If he was in it for the money I can only believe he would have taken on all the others to spread the load.

Hhhmm... I'd give Mr Hughes and his independent report a whole bunch more credit than that, Innocent. I'd even give the Premier credit for comissioning it, notwithstanding the tendency for such interventions to provide convenient stalling tactics.

The game's about to resume and the ball is squarely in the laps of Ms du Toit & the present occupant of the Minister's revolving seat, and ultimately in the lap of their boss, the said Premier. They may deserve some scrutiny but lets give Mr. Hughes fair credit for making good use of his opportunity and doing a good job.

(...and he's by no means alone if he's still waiting for a meeting with the Deputy. We've been trying to get an audience for months now, as have many others.)

Honestly, Child Services still whatever they want. I am going to lose three children because of my heritage and my religion and child services are denying that and lie in the court of law under oath. I am not impressed.

I would have to agree with Ms. Schuler on this one. No matter how liberal and open Canadians think this country is it still is very short sited. And I find that to be more true for British Columbia than in other parts of this nation.

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