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Back in April, former conflict of interest comissioner Ted Hughes told the provincial press pack that "turnover" at the ministry of children and family development "has taken a toll in terms of staff morale and the ministry's ability to set directions, frame goals, and make progress. The revolving door has got to stop." This, as part of his independent review into British Columbia's child and youth protection system. So, understandably, some found it surprising when the Campbell administration decided to shuffle the political leadership of that ministry earlier this month - replacing Stan Hagen with Tom Christensen. But, in an interview today, Mr. Hughes declined to weigh in on that decision. "My view is this: I express everything I had on my chest the day of the release of the report after you guys had had a chance to read it. So I've stepped back now and let others do the talking."

Of course, during that same press conference, The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer reported Mr. Hughes told his media audience "he'd had a few invitations to address B.C. audiences on child protection. He'd put them off, at least until the legislature has had a chance to act. 'I may pick up some of those invitations later in the year if I think I should.' Meaning if the politicians fail to get on with it, there might be enough sand left in the old egg timer for one more speaking tour to remind them of their duty." Or perhaps not?

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Sometimes change is needed - like for example when the Minister in not engaged anymore. Tom brings a badly needed breath of fresh air to a difficult Ministry. And I hear staff are pleased to have him. I would argue in thas that change was a very good thing.

And by the way, Stan's new posting is perfect for him and he will do a great job there!

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