What goes around, comes around

Remember Andrew Wilkinson? Of course you do. How could you not? After all, Mr. Wilkinson was once one of the most powerful and controversial deputy ministers within the provincial government. But, several months ago, he left the civil service to become a partner with McCarthy Tetrault LLP - disappearing from the corridors of power. Or not. Earlier this week, Mr. Wilkinson registered with the federal government as a lobbyist for Simon Fraser University - working to secure funding for athletics and recreation infrastructure, as well as the the institution's school for the contemporary arts. And, according to the provincial government's lobbyist registery, he's also been pitching the Campbell administration since July on behalf of Accredited Home Lenders Canada Inc. Isn't that just special?


what's that sucking sound I hear?

What? Wha-a-at?? Not McCarthy Tetrault again.

Is that the same Andrew Wilkinson seen at Michael Ignatieff's bash at Steamworks yesterday?

Either the link is a mistake or this company, Accredited Home Lenders, is entirely a US operation. It doesn't list any Canadian office locations.

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