Southern comfort?

Today, the Mustel Research Group Ltd. released the results of their latest provincial politics poll showing "support for the BC Liberals has remained strong over the summer" at 48 percent (down six points since May), with the New Democrats stuck at 37 percent. But Opposition leader Carole James's approval rating has dropped five points to 41 percent - six point below Premier Gordon Campbell. Although, in fairness, Ms. James's disapproval rating is still lower than the premier's - 26 versus 40 percent. Meanwhile, in unrelated news, the latest poll from The Gallup Organization says American president George W. Bush's approval rating is at 42 percent.


It does not bode well for Carole when her approval rating slips below Dubya's

One poll really counts and that's the one a number of us actually show up at and mark the ballot.

How are the five big promises coming along anyway? Let's have a few more PPP's go down the tube.

Anything new on charging tolls on the Pat Bay Highway, or the Malahat? Hows the budget for the road to Whistler doing? It's mid summer folks, the house may or may not sit depending on Gordons mood it seems. How's the appeal going to attempt to overturn the decision to support medically challenged people over 19? Any idea when the Basi and friends court cases will happen?

I'm surprised....even with Carole being in pain she still cant get no symnpathy from the voters. The real support for NDP falls probably somewhere around the single digits.

Sadly, Carole James is nothing more than a wet noodle, always has been, always will be. A new NDP leader is a must!

The NDP's surprising election turn around was mainly due to the Liberal/Campbell hate factor. Many, as I do, think that the Campbell Liberals are the most corrupt government yet in BC.

The problem is, the Libs have taken a page from WAC Bennets book, build highways, hence Gateway. $3 billion to $5 billion in yout political friends pockets will go a long way to grease the next election. Notice no highways in the NDP hurtlands of BC!

RAV too, is another example of the Liberals greasing their friends pockets quite legally, just build a metro that will cost 3 to 4 times more than LRT. Where does all the extra taxpayer's money goes? that's right in the pockets of friends who build the metro.

But the Libs will get re-elected, as the Liberal loving Asper press and CORUS radio Libramercial shows will ensure it!

I used to think that David Perry was responsible for the NDP poor performance, it's now clear that its Carole James.

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