It's a tough job - 70 are willing to do it

Back in April, former provincial conflict of interest commissioner Ted Hughes recommended the creation of "a new, independent body to oversee the child welfare system" - the representative for children and youth. The deadline for those interested in applying for that post passed yesterday. Those in the know say the special committee responsible for hiring that representative has received at least 70 applications, after spending $25,000 to $30,000 advertising the position. Advertisements were placed in British Columbia's daily newspapers - as well as the The Globe and Mail and the National Post. And they were emailed to more than 250 organizations and individuals - including destinations in Australia, Europe and the United States. No word on whether they reached South Africa. The following is a complete copy of that advertisement.

Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
Special Committee to Appoint a Representative for Children and Youth
John Rustad, MLA Chair Adrian Dix, MLA Deputy Chair

Representative for
Children and Youth

The Special Committee to Appoint a Representative for Children and Youth is accepting applications for the new position of Representative for Children and Youth, a non-partisan, independent officer of the Legislature.

As the external authority responsible for advocating on behalf of children, overseeing the provision of designated services for children and families and reviewing child deaths and critical injuries, the Representative will be a key part of BC's revised child welfare system. The job description for the position is the Representative for Children and Youth Act [SBC 2006 Chapter 29 - Bill 34]. Applicants are also encouraged to consider the final report of the BC Children and Youth Review, BC Children and Youth Review: An Independent Review of BC's Child Protection System. Both are available on the Committee's website at:

The appointment is for a term of five years, and may be renewed for one additional five-year term. The salary for the position is equal to the salary paid to a Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of British Columbia.

Applications should be received by e-mail no later than Monday, August 21, 2006. Applications will be held in confidence.

Address all inquiries and applications to:
Craig James
Clerk Assistant and
Clerk of Committees
Room 224, Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC V8V 1X4

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