A presidential decision

Earlier this week, The Hill Times's Abbas Rana reported "some of the 50-undecided Liberal caucus members will declare their support for various Liberal Party leadership candidates at this week's national Liberal caucus retreat in Vancouver." But MP's aren't the only ones who will be handing out endorsements. According to Grit gossipmongers, the party's British Columbia president Jamie Elmhirst will soon be coming out in support of Stephane Dion. If those rumours are true, the announcement will likely be made tonight at The Grand Taj Banquet Hall, where Mr. Dion is scheduled to hold a fundraiser.


Dion is making all the right moves and seems to be gaining tons of momentum. While everyone else is making symbollic alliances, Dions people are hitting the ground running and connecting with the people who matter.

Of course I think it's entirely inappropriate for high party officials, responsible for the voting procedure, to be "coming out" in favour of any candidate. But that sort of value system was never big amongst those who hold important offices in that party anyway. Most probably, if true, this is just another Mark Marissen stunt, planned from Day 1 of the campaign, as was the post from Ensyder.

Who else is Mark Marissen's fart catcher Jamie Elmhirst going to support? This was the plan from day one. The Ensyder should say, Dions people are hitting the ground hard and not at all connecting with the people who matter. They have no support in B.C., other than their manipulation of the system.

Peter V. - tell that to the 400 people who bought tickets for the dinner that Stephane and Jamie spoke at tonight. It was one of the largest fundraising dinners for any leadership candidate so far in this race.

Yeah. Sure. Cynicism rules in politics. I am sure that the last two posters also believe that the moon landings didn't happen.

Sorry to burst your bubble "Liberal" but they were giving tickets away to fill the room.

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