Back pressure

Famed broadcaster Rafe Mair has long been a pain in the back for the province's power elite. So it seems somewhat ironic he may soon be working for West Coast back doctors. Rumour has it Mr. Mair has picked up a consulting gig with the British Columbia Chiropractic Association. And, come September, he'll be helping the association convince the province's post-secondary institutions to establish a faculty for chiropractors. When asked about those rumours, the group's executive director Don Nixdorf said, "We're looking at persons - community, business, leader leaders - that would be interested in the general issue of education in British Columbia." And his Mr. Mair one of those persons? "He is one of the persons we're talking to at this point. And I'll probably have more definitve information for you in September." Dr. Nixdorf declined to elaborate on what exactly Mr. Mair might be doing for the association.

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