All hands on deck for the shuffle

CKNW legislative bureau chief Sean Leslie is reporting Premier Gordon Campbell will be "making the announcement this afternoon of a cabinet shuffle." According to Mr. Leslie, "Children and Family Development Minister Stan Hagen will be shuffled out of that hot potato ministry" - supposedly to tourism, sport and the arts. Those in the know tell Public Eye he'll be replaced by Tom Christensen. Meanwhile, House Leader Mike de Jong is headed to aboriginal relations and reconciliation, handing over his labour responsibilities to Olga Ilich. And Gordon Hogg is said to be moving back into cabinet as the head of new ministry.


If the Preem really wanted to flex his infamous stones, he would have dropped Stan Hagen like a bad habit. Can there be a more useless Cabinet Minister? Not bloody likely.

Useless? Jenny Kwan.

Looks like Olga Illich got a demotion. What is left to do in the Labour ministry? Absolutely Nothing.

Campbell doesn't have a lot of choice in keeping Hagen in cabinet, it's a geographical consideration. Unfortunately, Hagen still acts sickeningly as if he's earned it. He's had the same angel on his wing forever: Marcia Smith, part of the double secret campaign society...

Pathetic!! Christensen will be a huge improvement, and I look forward to change, but at a time like this one must also look back at the record of his predecessor. Did Hagen accomplish anything? Anything at all? Well, supposedly more money was returned to his Ministry last budget but inexplicably nothing has been done with it... Come to think of it, has any Ministry in BC history been mismanaged so irresonsibly as MCFD by the BC Liberals?

That said, I do have confidence in Christensen -- but why has it taken Campbell so long to take this Ministry seriously?

And Gonzo's right -- Hagen should've been dumped completely. That's unfair to Tourism, Sport & the Arts to end up with a Minister who is, at best, burnt-out. Time to retire, Stan.

It's hard to believe that a man the calibre of Iain Black hasn't yet made it into cabinet. What was Campbell thinking?!

So, MCFD has a new bobblehead, he's the fourth in the reign of the Liberals, not that anyone's counting. It doesn't really matter which one sits in the seat, the agenda moves forward, from Strategic Ops, the Premier's Office & Treasury Board. No offence towards Minister Christensen, at least he's got a clue, can't wait to see him on the hot seat explaining more baby deaths. If he actually wants to know what's happening in his Ministry and to the children & families he's now responsible for, he'll move beyond the du Toit's and senior bureaucrats of the world to the people who do the work and to those great voices in the abyss who don't forget the "negative" sides of their policy hack decision-making (Ie. the real world consequences). But then, Tom's real gig in MCFD is to help the Aboriginal devolution along, the train keeps a-rollin'. He's learned a lot in his last two jobs, to prepare him to help with the continuing experiment of the child welfare system in BC. As a seemingly ethical person the Honourable Mr. Christensen may want to consider what his legacy will be as the Minister of All Children, Youth & Families of the province.

Bert, ... are you suggesting that neophyte Black has a prior claim on Cabinet coming in ahead of Mission's Randy Hawes? Surely not!

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