A cure for what ails the commission?

Earlier, we reported at least three members of the British Columbia Medical Services Commission have backgrounds suggesting they might be in favour of more private healthcare in Canada. In fact, one of the commissioners tried to open his own private clinic. And another works at a clinic that "advises" patients when they need to "step into the private system." In an interview with Public Eye, British Columbia Health Coalition community co-chair Joyce Jones took umbrage with those appointments. Explained Ms. Jones, "anyone involved with the private healthcare sector should not be review with Copeman clinic" - a task which Health Minister George Abbott handed the commission back in March. Meanwhile, New Democrat health critic Adrian Dix says "these appointees - regardless of their public position - will be judged on their willingness to enforce the law of the province and the law of the land and not to allow their private interests and privately-held views to get in the way of that. And it's our expectation they'd do that."


I am shocked at the constant hypocrisy of the NDP. They appointed Gordon Denford to the Medical Services Commission, a man that Sean points out had previously applied to open a private clinic. Yet the NDP has the gall to raise heck whenever the discussion of a private care comes around? Why is Superman Critic Adrian Dix trying to cover his tracks? He should be more than embarrassed at the NDP's record on this issue.

Smiley face appears to have missed the point. Much of the commission is filled with doctors or their lackies who are or want to operate in the private sector, even thought their job is to protect the delivery of a universal public health care system.

What's next, handing over the BC Transit Board to the auto dealers?

Six years after the Liberal's "NEW ERA" arrived, our public health care system is in shambles, with senior bureaucrats willing to walk the plank rather than agree to Gordon Campbell's ugly plans.

Meanwhile, some doctors and their financial cronies are making a killing off the pain of others.

Kind of makes some people just want to smile for some sick reason, I guess.

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