Sounding off

"If you proudly consider yourself not right-of-centre but right-wing and proud of it - do you happily vote Liberal or look for some truly right-wing alternative?" That's the question CKNW's Bill Good posed to listeners last Tuesday morning. And the answer, from at least some of the callers, was resounding support for the Campbell administration. "I've always considered myself a moderate Conservative. And, therefore, I have no problem with the BC Liberal government doing it," said Dan. Mark later added, "I think we've got to look to the positive things that have been done. I think they've hit the right economic issues. And know they're doing with other things like labour - which is just a sigh of relief." And Brian gushed, "I think Gordon Campbell's doing an excellent job. I don't know why we'd want to replace someone who's doing so well for British Columbia right now." Surely, this is a strong vote of confidence in the work the Liberals have been doing during their second term in office! Or perhaps not.

According to a number of astute CKNW listeners, the voices of Dan, Mark and Brian sound like those of provincial Liberal field organizers Dan Baxter and Mark Robertson and party operations director Brian Bonney. Messrs. Baxter, Robertson and Boney haven't responded to messages left yesterday morning asking whether they called into Mr. Good's show last week. However, the voices on their answering machines seem to resemble those of the callers in question. In the past, Public Eye has caught Liberal staffers calling into talk shows under assumed names or their initials. Earlier, we also reported on Mr. Bonney's attempt to manipulate the results of an online poll being conducted by The Tri-City News.


now this, mr. holman is a shocker.

The NDP does it too but they are just better at it and don't need high level party insiders to do the dirty work - just shows how poor the party organization is for the BC Liberals - you don't have organizers whose voices and names you can recognize call in

Quick... Someone tell Susan Yurkovich, and other members of the provincial Liberal's super-secret central campaign committee that they are shooting themselves in the foots.

Methinks the ladies protest too much! I suggested this topic to Bill Good the previous Monday, arguing that there must be some right wingers in BC unhappy with the union bonuses, support for aboriginal issues and native schools, etc.

Obviously the Liberal high command thought it a dangerous question and put their crack operatives onto the phone lines the next day to ensure the Unity Party or successor doesn't rear its yahoo head!

Pretty amusing really how sensitive they are.

I just want to say that I REALLY, REALLY respect and admire the Premier...I think that he is the greatest Premier BC ever had...I think that he should be our Premier forever!

Here are some realities Sean:

1) As long as Bill (not-so)Good continues to ask such inane questions, then he'll be getting more " summer breaks", which will of course give Christy Clark more air time to shamelessly bash her former and current opponents. (You'd think 'NW could find a younger, more hip Rafe-like host, instead of a heavily bitter, partisan "former" pol!)

2) The provincial "Liberals" are anything but...they renamed the Social Credit Party and even kept one or two of the deadwood.

3) The super double secret central campaign committee almost ran the campaign into the ground last time. Save and except for one or two of the Premiers own "lifetime" team (read: longtime supporters that gave better advice than the handsomely hired guns), the same old tired ideas, that were ably battlled by the NDP I note, were trotted out by former Socred has-beens and PR nutbars (some of the worst people for political advice). Gordon Campbell is best when empassioned and fighting. He was advised to gear-down (obviously) to combat the disgustingly sexist and defeatist idea that Carole James (bless her) is a woman and will appear "soft and gentle" in comparison to his robustness--very poor advice to candidate Gordon whose hallmark wins were based on his strong, bold performances regardless of who he was running against (anyone remember Jean Swanson?). The braintrust gave the same advice to other excellent candidates. Don't believe me? Explain the fact that the second most spectacular candidate on both slates (first being Carole Taylor), Virginia Greene, lost to a BMW socialist who previously to entering politics had done nothing for this Province (in comparison to Ms. Greene) except provide us with moderately good juice (and at a bloody premium!)

4) The "trick" you describe above about getting organizers to ring call-in programs is part and parcel of the nonsensical, tired and often risky (as is evidenced since they now appear caught) ideas that were embraced by the central campaign (non)gurus. Another candidate during a different election may have benefitted from such slothful suggestions, but not a guy like the Preem whose energy is often infectious on the campaign trail.

5) Polls are wonderful...about forty five days before and during a provincial election. Polls at this point in time, are useful only to dogs. The Premier needs strong support and good advice. It's obvious from talking to grassroots organizers throughout this Province, particularly in the Okanagan, Island and North, that he isn't getting that kind of support or advice.

6) The Premier will go down as one of the best in this Province's history just as much for what he has managed to accomplish but for what he stays away from--personal scandal (Maui was stupid, yes, but we've all done it, sadly, many times over--instead of that think theme parks and decks). Gordon is a principled guy who understands his weaknesses and drives on his strengths. His apparently novice-like advisors (particularly during the election) see a good looking, inteligent guy in a suit and haven't quite captured the man and his vision. When you're a politician, you're still a candidate for "next time". Gordon understands that, some of his circle don't and coast, to our peril, until just before the next writ.

I shudder when I think of an NDP Premier standing at a podium or sitting on a dias during 2010...but it could happen. Splitting the vote isn't an option. Grits and Tories work well together, by and large.

Bill Bennett had it right long ago, "Son, a fortnight is a lifetime in politics..."

So true, so true...

Here is a follow-up question for Bill Tieleman.

Does he think it might be a good idea to put the same question to callers on a national basis? Do hardshell Conservatives, once-upon-a-time Reformers, feel satisfied with the new Tory Govt? Is it making enough of a change that they are happier now than last year? Or do they feel an itch that needs to be scratched, an insipient need for a second Reform-like insurgency?

What is amusing , Mr. Tieleman, is how transparent and foolish you are.

I am a "right winger", like many in the provincial Liberal Party, and we support union bonuses (in this case) and strongly support aboriginal and first nations causes, including schools.

Your suggestion to Good was as idiotic as most of what you write, as it goes no further than a surface scratch.

Think! (for once)

The union settlements (bonuses included) were the kind of agreements that if Carole were a CEO and the people of the Province were shareholders: we should be popping champagne corks.

Your impish attempt to simply compartmentalize complicated issues is, frankly, as much a sad reflection on Mr. Good's ability to suffer BS in place of substance, as it is your willingness to vomit vacant prognostications.

Have a nice day.

Alex, what would the socreds have done? Charge the unions with sedition against the province, or bribe them with signing bonuses?

What would the NDP have done? Could they have given every teacher in the province a widescreen TV in the name of labour peace and gotten away with it?

Alex, the fact that you are so offended by my question about whether BC needs or wants a rural right-wing party only indicates how accurate my comments are!

While I actually agree with some of your earlier points on Liberal strategy and problems, you would be better off to deal substantively with the issue I raised rather than pout about my willingness to discuss it.

In 1996, which you no doubt remember, the Reform Party of BC under Jack Weisberger took about 10% of the vote, keeping Gordon Campbell in opposition.

Campbell moved hard to the right, coopted the Reformers, bashed aboriginal rights and the N'isgaa Treaty, promised a divisive referendum and subsequently won the next election.

Like it or not, Alex, BC political history shows this province often likes a right-wing rural populist party.

And if someone builds it, they will come.

You have a great day too! Make it even better by listening in this week and next to CKNW AM 980 from 7-9 p.m. where I am guest hosting Nightline BC for Michael Smyth.

We might even talk about this!

A. G. My question to you is, if the NDP used the union bonuses strategy to settle quick and painlessly, would it be a good stategy or just forking over tax payer dollars to their union buddies?

As for Liberal staffers calling in, I agree with Bill, they get their undies in a knot pretty easily. They have a long history of being caught, one that sticks out in my mind is "Steve" from Prince George and his kids...Steve was a childless M.A.

The NDP has "foot soldiers" everywhere that likely call in, but probably not ordered from the top like I suspect the Libs are...because they know no one will call in.

Bill (since we're now pals wishing each other a good day and all :-)))

1) The days of the N'isgaa Treaty were much different. In it's original draft in particular it deserved bashing. You didn't have to be right of center to figure it out. There were many centrists who saw it as a bad deal as well.

2) 1996 was too close, in time, to the official dissolution of the Socreds. There was much sentimentality attached to the actual balloting and resulting 'success'. Plus, you'll never get a finer guy than Weisgerber. He was one of a kind and I'm sure, in more private moments, regrets that election.

3) If it wasn't for Gordon Wilson's fifteen minutes of fame (and the fact that I--and certainly others--didn't support one of my political mentors, the ubiquitous Grace, and instead worked and elected a useless, miserable and thankless Rita Johnston--one of my political career regrets), the current run of Socreds in provincial Liberal garb, might still be called Reform or some other name, perhaps even the Socreds if dear old Grace had won the mantle. The Liberals thus became the vehicle to beat the NDP. In this province, as in Quebec, it's just a name for a provincial vehicle designed to keep the monster at bay.

4) The current 'blend' of conservative fiscal policies mixed with some less progressive (but certainly some progressive) social policies/programs that the Province hails, will never give rise to a successful rural party. Unity tried it, after the sentimental period was over, and then they all realized just how much B.C. 10 'lost years' really cost us.

History sometimes tells one story for me and one for you. You are simply muckracking cause it's the only way NDP sympathizers can lay the roots for any such movement. It'll never happen again. There is too much at stake and as long as the hardliners in the unions stay married to over-the-top ideas and goals intra-NDP, the coalition that Gordon Campbell so well represents will beat them.

Unless of course we get the same Liberal advisors to serve up the same kind of stupidity as last time.

Then, and only then, Bill, should you and your pals be chilling a reuseable bottle of organic sparkling wine and digging into a tofu turkey to celebrate.....but don't bet your Che Guevara shirt on it just yet.

Oh, and I don't pout I just call it the way it is.

Glad to hear you are replacing Smyth, even for a while. Finally...somebody on that show that will do some research and not shoot from the lip.


Thanks Alex - glad to have an intelligent debate on BC politics going on.

1) On N'isgaa - the treaty didn't change that much and it had majority popular support as demonstrated in polling throughout. Even if not, Campbell didn't have to personally sign on to legal action against it. Martyn Brown and others were far too influential.

2) Jack is a decent guy, no question, but he also represented a different party than Gordon Campbell - that's why he took 10% of the vote despite the usual diatribes against the NDP from business and others. Compare Jack's position to the BC Liberals in 1996 and you will see a signficant contrast.

3) No doubt the BC Liberals are the New Socreds or the New Coalition, going back to the 1940s grouping. They might have survived and risen again - after all, they held far more seats than the NDP in 2001.

4) I don't agree. Unity's problem wasn't its program it was a lack of serious resources and organization. The BC Liberals biggest success has been in unifying a wide range of centre and right voters and supporters - Unity needed a lot longer and a lot more muscle if it was to break into the game.

Never count out the stupidity of Liberal advisors however!

Lastly, I'm afraid I'm a designer clothes social democrat who prefers bordeaux to beer and Armani to Army and Navy!

Perhaps running my own business for 8 years and making a profit has spoiled my perspective.

But since you have been nice enough to welcome my guest shot, I take back my "pout" comment and will try to do my research.

Actually, as interesting your ideas seem to you Mr. Tsakumis, the NDP will indeed win, albeit with a different leader and a little more time.

There's a different electoral dynamic that's fast developing in this province, and while a Gordobot may fit in (his type speaks our language, though with a stilted and unpleasant tone), much of what strikes you as obvious (the old-line conventional wisdom of eletoral competition in BC, if you will) strikes me as so much blather.

Sure, there's still some further development to come, but the 'keeping the monster-at-bay' years are most definitely over. People in the north/interior/island are not supporting NDP candidates because of bad Liberal strategy, or because they're socialists, they're supporting NDP candidates because Liberal tree license policies have pushed them out of the logging industry, because the local hospital is in the next town, or because their local MP is totally unresponsive/incompetent. And their children are growing up understanding the NDP as a mainstream political party, and so forth.

It's sometimes very difficult for aging/old men such as yourself to allow your opinions to evolve - it has to do with neural pathways in the brain, so I really do not hold it against you - but nonetheless, you should know that from my position (which I realise you cannot know or appreciatate), your opinions seem remarkably ill-informed.

This wouldn't be the brilliant David M who had his rear end kicked in Sannich Gulf Islands only to move to Victoria and have his rear end kicked again by the NDP. Go David Go!!

Alex says:

1) As long as Bill (not-so)Good continues to ask such inane questions, then he'll be getting more " summer breaks", which will of course give Christy Clark more air time to shamelessly bash her former and current opponents. (You'd think 'NW could find a younger, more hip Rafe-like host, instead of a heavily bitter, partisan "former" pol!)

This raises a number of questions:

1. Is Rafe hip? Ah.....em!!

If you think Rafe is hip, I guess you represent a very shrinking market.

2. What has Christy Clark said on her time at NW to sound "bitter"?

She sounds to me like she is having a lot of fun with her guests and her audience. I don't think it is possible for Christy to sound bitter.

A. G. Tsakumis is right in one sense and wrong in another.

Yes, the people running Liberal Head Office and who have been advising Campbell are amateur at best. Without the economic recovery becoming undeniable by that time, I have little doubt they would have lost the last election. And yes, the NDP could win again. But to assume that the centre-right coalition will never crack again is naive, to say the least. And I can guarantee that these overly generous deals are going to play well with the Liberals' base in the long term.

As time continues to pass by, the Glen Clark years are going to become an evermore distant memory. Add that to the Liberals' shift to the left, and you'll see a new protest movement rise up on the right eventually.

It's inevitable.

David M:

While I agree that I look older than my years, for your information, bitter swine, I just turned forty last month.

The youth in this Province, sonny, want to make money. They don't see the NDP as mainstream any more than I don't see you as a mouthpiece for mediocrity. The children or youth you refer to are hanging from the trees on some logging road or have chained themselves to yet another protest banner. Those seedlings, sonny, can't spell vote much less care to exercise one. They're several bong hits from election day. Perhaps an entire temple ball.

This is Lotusland pal, we have out earned, and outgrown the NDP in it's current form. The Glenmeister works for Mr. Pattison, Robertson's a designer juice czar, Christ, read above, I even got my new buddy Tieleman to admit to a profit with glee.....the list is endless, of your "brethren" that don't walk the talk. Everytime I'm at the Jericho Tennis Club, why look, there's Meathead again, Mr. Committee Harcourt, who almost single handidly ruined Vancouver.

Spare us the fast developing dynamic bullshit about how the NDP will win the next election. Obviously you are someone who knows little if at all about the lead up to the electoral process. The hardline backroomers in the NDP fold are absolutely toxic, and if ever jettisoned, would break your party in thirds.

"People in the north/interior/island are not supporting NDP candidates because of bad Liberal strategy, or because they're socialists, they're supporting NDP candidates because Liberal tree license policies have pushed them out of the logging industry, because the local hospital is in the next town, or because their local MP is totally unresponsive/incompetent".

I agree with all that in quotes--in that respect, you're right, but to showcase your ignorance, you paint with too broad a brush and are making leaps in logic which don't jive with reality.

But you're not alone, dear heart, in knowing this information. There are those of us that will not allow the incompetents to rule the roost for much longer. And besides, elections are won on numbers, you don't have them in those areas, not in the ways you need to win. Very long way to go indeed.

As for your wild-eyed frothy mouthed suggestions about any of my neural activity...I am in perfect working condition thank you. Over-fuelled on occasion, but at the ready, in case the red phone rings...

I will give you this, are quite correct, I don't give a rat's ass what your opinion is when you offer such one-sided, textbook crap.

Lenin, too, confused the state of the Bolshevik and Mensheviks, so don't feel too bad, I've mopped the floor on this blog with better than you.

Oh, and the next provincial election will not be happening in the month of October.

Now be a good lad and run along, go look all that up, and learn not to dip your twinkie in Col. Mustard's Spanner.

To Alex?:

I said Rafe-like, not Rafe, and not Rafe as hip.

Learn to read.

As for the "retired" Ms. Clark, she is too coming across a bitter, to say the least.

Anne Roberts on representing small business months ago, with no counter opinion from anyone?? Very balanced Christy, nice work.

Veiled jabs at Carole Taylor's wealth a few days ago, suggesting that the Finance Minster had never repeated an outfit while in office ( and not true, the mint suit and the lavender number were quite smashing repititions I thought)

Hmm, let's see now the first one could be sour grapes since Anne Roberts was bashing Sam Sullivan, who ate a good portion of Christy's political capital. And the second is a little foreshadowing of the backbiting she would be doing if Gordo retired and, obviously, the main contender would be none other than Ms. Taylor.

It's too bad that there is no more real talk radio in this Province (other than the occasional Adler program) and that 'NW are paying Ms. Clark to cowardly lob little bomblets at her opponents.

If 'NW were serious about it, they'd have canned Good and Clark, who are alternating, on-air windbags and fluffiteers.

Give it a rest. You must be a member of the funky bunch.


The BC Liberals are pathetic and are driving people like me away in droves. That's why they have to get senior organizers to phone in to CKNW. Nobody else will do this. With people like Wally Oppal supporting the rights of serial killers over those of crime victims, people like Carole Taylor throwing bags of taxpayer dollars at unions, and a premier smiling in approval of it all, it is clear that the BC Liberals are no longer a "coalition" that includes the majority of British Columbians who are small "c" conservative. It's time for a new party of the right in BC. Time to bring back the BC Conservative Party.

"Time to bring back the BC Conservative Party."

Moaning and complaining about Wally and Carole, while shamelessly promoting the faint hopes of the BC Conservative party, sounds like another standard rant of the king of the Warawarriors to me. BTW, rather intriguing that Diane's smiling face remains on Dona's nomination website. Funny how I haven't heard anything in the news about Surrey's mayor endorsing Dona's nomination bid. Hmmm....

I just want to say that I REALLY, REALLY respect and admire A. G. Tsakumis...I think that he is the greatest political commentator BC ever had...I think that he should get his own "talk" radio show!

My goodness, the Conservatives in our midst are feeling quite emboldened these days. Looks like winning the weakest majority in Canadian political history has them feeling their oats.

My bet is that Christy and Carol get along quite well. I also bet that it won't be long before the meat eaters in the BC Libs start training their guns on Ms. Taylor. All this talk of her as an eventual replacement for the our current Premier surely paints her as the enemy.

History has a way of repeating itself,as Ms. Clark would likely be happy to tell us.

"You must be a member of the funky bunch.


Yawn indeed, your "funky bunch" jab is beyond tired.

I don't know about Alex being the greatest commentator in this province. I think he might even disagree with that. But his intelligence and wit are sexy as hell. How many guys can do this? Not too many. I think his comments are a refreshing change to most of the other postings on this blog. I think 'proud member of the cult of A.G. Tsakumis' above has a bad case of envy.

Hey I kind of like the idea of Tsakumis on the radio! he's got a really good voice and knows his stuff. No more Chrusty snore progs. She's too one sided and obvious. If she was honestly done with politics it would be different she has no credibility on radio. Bill Good was finished a long time ago.


Mark, Dan, Brian, and Chad are also frequent callers to the Cutting Edge show with Bill Good on Fridays. These guys are all on the Liberal payroll as you have noted.

Tune in Friday for the next Super Spin Man er ....I mean caller, to the public airwaves.

BTW - you may wish to listen for a caller named Ed, who also is on the payroll.

I missed responding to Budd's earlier question. I would not be surprised if many Reformers and CA supporters are wondering what they voted for lately - Stephen Harper is playing to Quebec like no tomorrow and no doubt trying to replicate Brian Mulroney's game plan.

But Harper is also throwing some red meat to the redneck faction with military spending, support for Israel and crime and punishment issues.

We'll soon see if the West Wants In once again!

Thanks for your answer, Bill. I have to say, though, that it's apparent that the Canadian Armed Forces have been starved senseless for decades, and that major, and I mean major increases in military spending are essential. Harper's Israel stance is, I agree, pretty much a case of turning National Post pieces into Govt policy.

The crime and punishment thing is more mixed. It's also probably the biggest single weapon in the Reform-Conservative arsenal, at least in terms of keeping down the federal NDP vote. Jack Layton began some movement on this in the last election, but he has many truly bizarre bleeding hearts in his own party to try to talk sense to, and his proposal of minimum sentences for firearms offences is just a small beginning.

We hear of the god-damndest of sentences. Consider the example of two years less a day, to be served at home on a bracelet, watching TV and eating chips, for street racing causing the death of an innocent pedestrian, whose body must have been shattered beyond recognition. Then consider the example of three years in a federal jail for, ... wait for it, ... counterfeiting. That's right, printing bad twenties is worse than killing someone. I don't know what kind of value system allows for this kind of thing, and please understand that I don't want an explanation, I want a remedy!

The Conservatives biggest justice headache is drugs. It's going to be impossible for them to satisfy their "just say no" and faith based treatment centre types, and do anything constructive in terms of harm reduction or rationalization of the whole cannibas situation.

In any case, it would be nice to hear the hard right do some public handwringing and whining that it's just not enough, we can't get no satisfaction, etc., etc.

The Conservatives are doing a great job!!! Especially on the question of Israel.

Wish I could say the same thing for the BC Liberals. After watching the news last night, I am DISGUSTED with Wally Oppal defending Clifford Olsen.

Campbell isn't doing that great a job. The economy is good, but that's only because he cut taxes. A Conservative government would do the same thing.

Look at it this way: the tired old Liberals have been replaced at the Federal level and the Conservatives are headed to a crushing majority at an election time of their choosing. Real Conservatives don't need the Liberals in BC either. We're the majority and we can win government on our own!

I think Tsakumis is right on.

Proud Redneck, how about you, Ryan and other socially awkward, self-obsessed armchair politicos go pound sand in a futile backdoor attempt to get the dippers elected, while the rest of us real Conservatives continue to play nice with our capitalist-oriented blue liberals in order to defend against any sort of NDP comeback. Perhaps if your ego didn't outgrow your brain, you'd still be members of the winning team. Must be a frustrating exercise wandering aimlessly on the fringes of political society.

BTW Ryan, judging from the fact that you coincidentally removed Diane's picture from Dona's website, I presume you didn't have her blessing to put it up there in the first place?

The problem with 'Bill Good' and CORUS, they are the only game in town. His program is strictly a 3 1/2 hour Libramercial, with many callers screened out. His slow pitches and allowing guests play fasr and lose with the truth has made many people to turn off NW.

We miss Rafe Mair, we need more angry people on air muck raking and holding politicians feet to the fire. Sadly it's not to be.

I guess an Order of Canada is soon in the future for Billy Good, the politicians poodle!

I just want to say that I REALLY, REALLY respect and admire Brian Bonney...I think that he is the greatest political worker BC Lierals ever had...I think that he should run his own political party!

Hey Small C

The problem with your theory of lets sign with the devil to avoid the NDP is that there are many such as me that voted NDP last time and likely will vote NDP again because the BC Liberals aren't really Liberals.

If there was a true Liberal party, then I would come back.

As Federal Liberals start to figure out that the current NDP is more similar to their values than the BC Liberals, I think we will see more votes go to the NDP.

There are only two factors which will keep the B Liberals in...external factors such as gas revenue which will keep economy alive, and doing nothing, which is what they have done this term, so far.

As soon as the BC Liberals start back on their conservative ideology, the current popularity they bought for a billion dollars will sink.

How the BC Liberals can throw a billion dollars of our money at public sector unions and get away with it is beyond me. Probably the biggest gesture of socialism I have seen in the last 20 years or more in this province.

Give us the Liberal Party back.

Ahhh.....the world of consulting! Isn't it nice to sit at home and trash talk people all day long!(especially our colleagues). Well in the world of people who hate Alex To-kiss-my-a&% I want him to know, that i actually read what takes him and his secretary so long to write....

Hey again Mr. Tsakumis...

You know, you wrote a bunch of stuff up there about children swinging in trees, and sonny, etc, and I'm just wondering: what could you possibly be thinking? Does this somehow seem coherent to you? Just wondering.

I was also wondering if you realised that your puzzling pronouncements completely evaded the points I was making about the NDP and its current course of development. There's no need to respond about how out to lunch I am, no need to respond at all, really - I just wanted to point out that, aside from the rather strange insults, your points sort of support everything I said. On the one hand, you re-inforce my points directly suggesting that the party is changing, on the other, you display a charming detachment from the reality of what it means to me young in this province today, providing a nice example of the past-expiry hack politician. (First hint: we don't use expressions like "dear heart"; second hint: we don't try to sound smart, we are smart.) If you think the NPA or BC Liberal volunteers you meet are anything close to normal, you're wrong.

Nice try, small c conservative.

Carole Taylor giving away bags of taxpayer money to pork barreling unions. Wally Oppal defending the rights of serial killers. The BC Liberals forcing my family and my children to learn about homosexuality in schools.

Yeah, we really have to defend against an NDP comeback. The only one on the fringes of society are the Liberals. Canadians already had their say on your agenda and they chose Conservative. And they would make the same choice provincially if they were given the chance.

David M. Im sure he will respond... he's addicted to seeing his name in print, in fact I would bet on his response...what time does his secretary start work...9am????

Hey Alex, these guys cutting you are jerks forget them. You raised all the right points farther up. let them suck it up. The guys around gordon are a joke and this guy Davi M is way to strange for me. Who cares what the NDp and left left liberals guys think of you. Keep up the good work. Some people do not like straight talkers.

I am really confused by vangirl aka colinmetcalfe.

If you hate Tsakumis and Metcalfe so much why don't you come up with any real reasons instead of attacking Tsakumis secretary or him or making fun of Metcalfe by saying he's a girl?

I would love to see you take on either of them. You would last one minute I bet. You are coming across as a loser and coward.

Maybe you should read "Vangirl's" comments posted above before any of my comments on this board, then maybe you will see where I am coming from. I am a great admirer, truly I am. It takes a very special person to work for Alex ... I think his secretary should receive credit for her hard and clever work. I give credit where credit is due. Being the big "C" conservative that I am "Too-kiss-my-a&%" has a special place in my heart and my party.

I see I created quite a stir one one person's mind. Well I have known Alex for a long time and his intelligence is a really attractive quality. That's all I was saying. I do not work for him.
vangirl aka colinmetcalfe is obviously someone with lots of hate. Maybe he wishes he was smart. He should keep wishing. I hope that circles the square for you.

On the Harper above comments vis a vis Israel :

He is doing a great job in handling this crisis (and I 'm not even a Conservative) . A few points :

1) Isnt it great to have a leader of our country who actually comes out in support of Israel. Instread of sitting on the fence (a la Cretien / Martin) he actually take a stand for the democracy and against the terrorist state !

2) Foreign affairs had 7 ships chatered within 72 hours of the outbreak of hostilities. I think most people think thats pretty good (except the CBC and Globe - who surely would have had the boats leased in advance of the attacks !!!)

3) the CBC continues its Israel bashing by forgeting (convenietly ) to mention in addiiton to kidnapping to Israeli soldier , Hezbollah also killed 8 of them in their border incustion last week

4) Would anyone have guessed that there were 50,000 Canadians in Lebanon. Any guess as to how many are actual Canadians vs how many are candians of convenience

5) Everyone knows Lebanons spotty recent history and that they are run by Syrian and Iranian Paymasters - why woudl 50,000 Canadians be there anyway ? Hey Caveat emptor - why should taxpayers pay for these folks to leave ? Can the government pick up the tab for my trip to Darfur or Ivory Coast ?

Nosmo King

Vangirl, you think Alex is attractive???

vangiril aka colinmetcalfe has some real issues. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yes I do think Tsakumis is very attractive in his own way.

He has a unique style. He has confidence and intelligence. He is giving to good causes. Women like that in case you were wondering. Tsakumis' wife is very good looking. She's definitely not there for the money, let's put it that way. I heard he was quite a legend in younger days. Sorry you feel that looks are the only thing that matters to a girl.

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