James cancer diagnosis confirmed

Earlier, we exclusively reported provincial New Democrat leader Carole James has been diagnosed with uterine cancer. A news release from the party, which was originally scheduled to be released at 3:00 today, has now been sent to the press pack confirming the diagnosis. According to the release, Ms. James will be undergoing surgey at the end of July. She is quoted as saying, "As a result, in addition to my planned vacation, I will be taking some extra time for recovery this summer before resuming my normal work schedule in September." The following is a complete copy of that release.

From: Matten, Jaime
Sent: 13 July 2006 13:59
Subject: NDP Media Release - Statement from Carole James

For immediate release
July 13, 2006

Statement from Carole James

Leader of the Official Opposition, Carole James, today released the following statement: "I want to take this opportunity to inform British Columbians that I was recently diagnosed with localized uterine endometrial cancer following a routine medical exam. My doctor has advised treatment and I will be undergoing surgery at the end of July.

"As a result, in addition to my planned vacation, I will be taking some extra time for recovery this summer before resuming my normal work schedule in September.

"I have been advised that recovery rates for this form of cancer are very high. I'm confident that treatment will be successful and look forward to getting back to work serving British Columbians in my role as Leader of BC's Official Opposition.”

- 30 -

Contact: Scott Perchall, 250-896-7747 or 604-862-7747


NDP House Leader Mike Farnworth will be available for comment today at 3:30pm at his community office in Port Coquitlam
107A-2748 Lougheed HWY


Good luck to you Carole, you have our families good wishes for a early recovery and we look forward to your return to good health

I hope Carole James has a full and quick recovery. Being told "you have cancer" must be a shocking experience for anyone, even if that announcement is immediately followed up by assurances of good prospects.

Very best wishes for a full and quick recovery.

Stage 1 uterine cancers typically have between a 70-95% 5-year survival rate, so her prospects are good for a promising result. Best wishes to Carole James and her family at this difficult time.

While I hope Carole James has a full and speedy recovery, at the same time living in a Province where you can be diagnosed and have your surgery scheduled all within the same month is an impressive service record for a health care system that, according to the NDP, is always in a constant state of chaos.

Perhaps the NDP will reflect on the fact that our health care system successfully treats thousands of British Columbians in a timely manner exactly like Carole James, each and every day.

Jeez Kevin. It's amazing that in BC, one person's calamity is another person's opportunity to score shameless political points.

Kevin Larsen on July 13, 2006 05:28 PM said.Perhaps the NDP will reflect on the fact that our health care system successfully treats thousands of British Columbians in a timely manner exactly like Carole James, each and every day.
Even with a situation where a politician has been diagnosed with cancer some folks like to keep it political. And how do you know she was getting tested this month?

The list for urgent surgury is quite short. The difference is being on some list which is considered as not life threatening. They call it elective surgury, but tell that to someone waiting three or more years for surgury.I've been hanging around getting worse by the day for almost one and a half year. Lost work, family strain and lowering of quality of life, has surgeons struggling with who to pick for their very little time they are allowed use of operating rooms. BC isn't the best, just ask Stats Canada. BC shut down lots of operating rooms and private surguries get bigger as people in pain simply can't wait.

I'm pleased to Ms. James will be treated this month and will hopefully make a complete recovery

Let's get back to the real issue that started this article. A woman has cancer and hopefully will be cured,

Thanks to Kevin Larsen for using a person's illness against her for petty political points. How very Liberal of you.

only you Larsen would, well maybe other linos would shamelessly reflect that you have no class

I really wonder what motivates people to send their best wishes to Carole James in the comments section of a website that she might not even look at. If you want to send her a message, her office address, phone, email, and fax are all easy to find. I think the real intention of the previous posters is to make themselves feel better, rather than Carole.

Good luck Carole, and wishing you the best of health

The above post is in extremely poor taste.

Call me down all you like. My point remains, every day the NDP claim that our health care system is in some kind of chaos or crises. whatever. The NDP completely ignore and overlook that the vast majority of us get looked after properly in a timely fashion exactly as Carole James is being looked after. That is not being political, it is just stating a fact.

It is almost like the hardcore dippers on this site just hate seeing an example of health care working exactly as it should, and does for the vast majority of us. Why the anger in pointing out that our BC Medical system has been there for Carole James where she needed it, when she needed it?

"I really wonder what motivates people to send their best wishes to Carole James in the comments section of a website"

Carol James is part of a community. Some of her community posts her. She is my MLA. Sincere best wishes are a message of support to her and her community too who are naturally disturbed by the news.

Peace to those who see politics in this event; however, one should consider that such news is beyond politics. It�s a deeply personal event and more serious than politics. A person in a situation like this needs to be seen as a person first and supported and respected as such - beyond other things.

To Carol James' family, her supporters, and her community I sincerely wish them peace of mind, and again to Carol best wishes for good health and a very quick and full recovery.

Larsen you're comments were pathetic.

It is considered pathetic that I wished Carole James a full and speedy recovery AND pointed out that our health care system is working?

Kevin...after all these posts you are still missing the obvious,

It is pathetic that you used Carole's health to take a jab at the NDP. if you were just commenting on how good Health care is, you would have done so without mentioning political parties. But you included the one she is leader of in your jab.

Just apologize on this blog and let's move on.

"My point remains..."

And do you feel better for making it?

I don't care how you spin it Larsen, I thought your comments were in poor taste. You can make your case in any number of threads, why choose this one?

Kevin, there's a time and place for everything you know. Or don't know as the case may be.

I realized a bit earlier today that Carole James is the third woman in BC politics to be a victim of cancer, along with Penny Priddy and Sindi Hawkins. I hope that she, like them, enjoys a good recovery and many more years of public service.

As for Kevin, I hear he has been diagnosed with malignant foot in mouth disease, and it looks as though they didn't catch it early!

This must be a very worrying time for anyone in Ms. James' situation, no matter how positive the prognosis. But I'm relieved to see that Mr. Larson's "team" has more sensitivity and class than he does:

From today's 24 Hours (http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/TopStory/home.html):

"...Gordon Campbell responded to news of James's diagnosis in a news release, stating that "I want Ms. James to know she has the full support of every government member of the legislature and we all wish her a quick and complete recovery. The thoughts and prayers of all British Columbians go out to her and her family as they go through this difficult time."

And government MLA Sindi Hawkins, who fought her own battle with leukemia two years ago, said she had an opportunity to speak with James. "And I just wanted her to know that she was in my thoughts and prayers. And the wishes that she had sent to me two years [ago], I was returning tenfold."

First off, I wish Ms. James the best of luck in her recovery. I'll admit my comments below are likely tacky, given this situation, but they need to be made.

Was anyone else bewildered by how fast Campbell's publicly-paid PR machine got in front of this story? PEO broke the story at 1:30 and it was on the radio 2:00. By 2:30, Morton and Co had already put out a press release, ahead of Farnworth's Presser.

Recall the local radio station station: the story wasn't Carol James has cancer, but that the Premier, Claude Richmond, Sindi Hawkins supports Carole as she battles her cancer. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a single backer from the NDP in any media story (save a minor clip from Farnworth)

This story scares the crap out the Liberals. A sympathetic leader, battling cancer, dealing with BC's health care system. No wonder Laresen and his ilk are already changing the story!

I'm sure now we are going to see several stories from Linda Aylesworth and the BCTV Liberal propaganda machine on the minute details of uterine cancern, cancer in generalm and how great BC doctors and researchers are. It will be "Believe BC" for the health-care set!

Mr. Larsen- Your post is far beneath contempt. Seems the vast majority are intelligent enough to see a pathetic and unbelievable pile of nuetered male bovine droppings as just that. Maybe the next time you're in need, maybe go to Surrey Memorial. After reading that refuse, I need a shower.

The best wishes to Ms. James and her family. I'm sure all will work out.

Hey, I don't like the NDP's policies either, but I have lost a mother to cancer. I hope Carole is able to beat this disease and for her to have a speedy recovery.

Larsen, you are a heartless wank. Kiss the fattest part of my ass.

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